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Hi Everyone,
Just wondering who/how many people are having in the delivery room with them. I am 22 weeks and me and hubby just assumed it would be me and him but lately some friends have been surprised that we are not having anyone else (mum, friends etc) in there.
Any opinions?
Firstly, congrats on your pregnancy, hope all is going well for you. I think you need to have whoever you're comfortable with. Personally, I had my partner and my mother, because I wanted someone who'd been there and done that. My cousin on the other hand, had her mother, brother and friend in there. It just depends on what you and your hubby want.

Sam and Hayley and bub

I agree with others that it is entirely what you feel comfortable with. Wit Lachie I chose to have my DH and my Mum. We arrived at the hospital at 2am but didn't pnone Mum until 8am. By the time she arrived half an hour later DH was exhausted and hungry and ready for a break. It was could that he could go to the cafe without worrying about me being alone. I didn't have Lachie until 6pm so they both took a break for lunch too. It meant that they were both feeling ok to stay with me and I was never alone. With this pregnancy I have decided to have DH, Mum and MIL (whom I get along with extremely well). Due to early and quick births MIL missed the births of her grandchildren from her daughters and as this is likely to be her last grandchild I wanted her to experience the joy of watching the birth. Also, she is a maternal and child health nurse so I feel very comfortable with her. The only other thing we were told at our classes to consider was that if you need an emergancy ceaser only your DH is allowed in theatre with you. (Not sure if that is just my hospital or all). Also, check with your hospital as they may have a rule on how many people you can use for support.

I wish you all the best.

Hey smile

I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my second child.

With my first pregnancy (15 years ago), I was told by the hospital that although I could choose several support people, only one of them could be with me at any one time. So I ended up choosing my <then> boyfriend and my mother ... partly because at 19, I just couldn't imagine NOT having my Mum with me ... and partly to make sure they could relieve each other if one needed a break for lunch/rest/whatever. At least that way, I was sure to never be left alone ... one of them was always there ... so you might want to take that into consideration and select a backup person just in case?

This time around, I imagined it would be mostly just my husband with me ... maybe with my Mum again as backup because my lovely hubby has a habit of passing out in hospitals! <groan> Then, the other day, my now 15-year-old daughter threw a spanner in the works by asking whether she could be with me for the labour as well! I'm delighted that she would want to be a part of it all ... but hesitant to traumatise her in any way by letting her see me in labour ... I don't think she understands how intense it can all get! lol

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

We stick with just me and my husband. The only other person I think I would be comfortable with would be my mother, but even then, I think I still prefer the idea of just me and my husband.

As for him needing a break etc, we did discuss this but as HE pointed out, I don't get a break, why should he need a break? The birthing suite had a comfy lounge seat, and they brought lunch in for him. Once I got my epidural, 10 hours in, he read for a while and I rested. Then we sat and played cards LOL 17 hrs of labour and then a c-section, and no, he didn't take a break from any from any of it.


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