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What happens with the show?? Please help Lock Rss

Hi there

This is probably a stupid question as this is my first baby and I have know idea what its all about. I am 38 weeks and I found the brown/pinkish discharge last Thursday so I thought yep this is the show. It kind of stopped and then on Sunday night I got the jellylike pinkish colour with blood streaked through it so I rang the midwife and she said yep this was the show. Told me to go back to bed etc. Anyway I have had nasty lower back pain since and I went to the doctor yesterday concerned as this discharge has not stopped. She did and internal and has taken a swab and said its an infection. I have heaps more of this brownish discharge today accompanied by quick but nasty lower abdomin and back cramps about every hour to half hour?? This doctor is not my normal doctor as he is away on holiday?? The doctor has also perscribed this stuff to clear an infection which I pick up today from Chemist? I am still not sure about it all and I am starting to stress. I go back to see her tomorrow to get the results from the swab. Has anyone else experinced this??

Em, DS - 20 April 2006

Havent experienced this, but what you are describing does sound like the show, but it's weird that the doc said that its an infection.

My water broke a few hrs after the show but I had quick but nasty pains like you're describing every hr for the next 36 hrs after water broke. Then I got induced to quicken the labour as they dont like u to go for more than 48 hrs after water break.

Good luck though!

Sheila, Akld NZ, baby Stephanie born 28/3/06

hey smile

If that was happening to me I would assume it was the start of labour. my midwife said u can start to show but ur waters may not break for a while afterwards. maybe you should go to the hospital and tell them exactly what is happening, if u are in labour then they will be able to tell you.

Good luck smile

bec xo
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