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Things to couldnt do without! Lock Rss

Hi! I wanted to start a topic where we could list what we took to hospital for the stay and birth that we couldnt do without!

When I went to hospital my husband bought me a really nice body wash and facial scrub to make me feel better and I loved it, it did make me feel much better.

What did other mothers take that they couldnt live without!

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept


What a good idea

I recommend taking make up (it always made me feel better) and Lansinoh ointment to relieve sore nipples.


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I packed my bag for hospital when I was about 37 weeks, with everything that was recommended, books, massage oils, lollies, music. When I went to hospital I don't think I even opened the bag until after labour!! There was certainly nothing in that bag that was going to make my labour feel any better!!!! For afterwards though, I couldn't have lived without my hairbrush (no, i'm not one of those people that brushes my hair constantly). I just felt so normal to be able to have a shower and brush my hair the next day!!!

Sam and Hayley and bub

What great ideas Paula. If you don't mind I might just use the clock idea this time. Last time I think I picked up my phone to check the time and accidently rang my brother (Who is first in my phone) at 2 in the morning. Just as well as he loves me. LOL.
Als this time I paid attention what cloths fitted me a couple of months ago to get sme idea what to pack for after baby's arrival.

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Hi all

Things I couldn't do without in hospital were:

MATERNITY PADS (Libra ultra-slim maternity pads were great plus the Stayfree maternity pads were also really good/ones in the green pack - thicker but really good for heavy flow)

FRUIT - having lots of fruit to snack on during the day was yummy as the hospital food was pretty average and a bit stodgy.

BREASTFEEDING PADS ("PIGEON" brand - the ultra slim ones are by far the best brand I've tried) - needed more for when i got home, not so much in hospital as my milk hadn't come through in full force until about day 3.
For the hospital stay!!


Easy access tops for breastfeeding
Personal mirror and tweezers
Mobile phone charger!!
many face washers
money to hire the TV
Body wash
Toothpaste and tooth brush
Maternity pads thick and thin

Anything to make you feel pretty - lots of visitors, not much time to spruce up.

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