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Sciatica Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if any of you have had the pressure of the uterus on the sciatic nerve which runs right down your leg?

I've had a niggle there for quite some time but in the last few days I am in absolute agony. It gets so bad that I can't stand, lay, or sit without the pain. Unless I sit absolutely straight backed and upright, which is really hard to do for long periods with a 38.5 week baby.

So I'm just miserable guys hence the whinge.

I've tried panadol, warm baths, ice gels, heat pads, massaging, stretching and walking, and the midwife said nurofen was ok to take so I've tried that too.

Any info. would be greatly recieved, but I reckon it's just something that I'm gonna have to deal with until delivery day.

Thanks, and hope no one out there is going through the same problem.

hi rach, first of all, let me say YOU POOR THING!!! i sympathise with you totally! when i was 21 weeks preggas, i had sciatica. i was in absolute agony. it even got to the point where i couldnt walk. i hired a wheelchair i was in so much pain. i went to the hospital, and they gave me a pethidine injection (i hadnt had a wink of sleep for 7 days!!!!!) the pethidine was absolute heaven, but they wont do it unless its really bad. i begged them!!!!! in the end, i was on panadine forte every 6 hours and valium every few hours too. not exactly something you would want to expose your baby to, but i felt i had no choice. i was just in so much pain. anyway, if you want to talk, my email is [email protected] or my msn is [email protected]
hang in does get better smile

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Rach,
I've had sciatica in my right bum cheek for both pregnancies. It got worse the second pregnancy and started earlier. I saw a physio who gave me special stretches to do which helped ease it a lot. My pain also never left me completely after each birth. Sometimes if I sit on the floor and play with my girls then go to get up I get a jab.
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