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sorry if this is too long

I was due the 4th of april but that date came and went, (as it generally does)

had a checkup at 7 days over and the ob asked what i would like to do, induction seemed to be the easiest way. so he booked me in at 8pm the next night to get the prostin gel, with no sleep whatsoever that night a midwife came and got me halfway through bfast, because the ob needed to rupture my membranes before he ran out of time lol.

all was fine and well till i got hooked up to my best friend the Syntocinin drip lol so here i am stuck on the bed with my best friend lol, and the drip is my best friend for a little while, my partner found it hilarious that i couldnt push it in a straight line lol

anyway, the lovely thing about synotocinin is that it affects everyone differently so they start you on a very mild dose bumping it up every 15 minutes till you are in pain lol

i laboured away until about 2pm when the contractions became really intense, i got given a peth shot which didnt do anything for me apart from make me really tired. I begged for an epidural but at the time all anethesiologists were in surgery, i might get one at 5pm if i was lucky.

lucky for me my midwife was awesome and she contacted my ob who took one look at me and saw how far i got alone, he called in a private anesthesiologist, Lucky me. Not really lol

because i twitched when he was placing the cannular it left a small patch of feeling. The gas came in handy for that.

My midwife said to me that i will be having the baby by 7.30 or else lol to keep me ocupied. i started pushing at 6.30 and at 20 past 7 my midwife turned to me mid push and said you know you only have 10 minutes left?

4 minutes later i had my beautiful 8 pound 12 ounce baby boy staring up at me.

and honestly what they tell you about the pain is true it does really hurt but once you look at ur bub its gone.

i just want to thank all the family unit staff at bundaberg base hospital, specially the wonderful student doctor who delivered and encouraged me throughout

beautiful boy born 13th april

Congrats Becka. Glad to hear things went well, lucky they called someone in to do your epi!

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

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