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Hiccups Lock Rss


This is my first pregnancy and am just wondering what it feels like when your baby gets the hiccups inside you.
I am due on 11 May and this morning when I place my hands on my tummy I can feel the baby slightly jump a little, kind of like a little pulsating heartbeat feeling, if that makes sense.

Em smile

Em, Sydney, EDD 11 May 1st bub

Hi Em,

Yep, that sounds like hiccups. Mym bub gets them about 5 times a day, at first they were heardly noticeable, and now my whole belly moves with each hiccup! It cute, but can sometimes get a little but annoying.

Are you starting to feel like you just want the baby to come out now? I'm starting to get that way and I'm not due till 30th May!


Ohhh yes.

Mine hicups soooo often its not funny.. i think the shortest he's had them was about 15 mins before he got them again. every day several times a day.

It gets a lot stronger as they get bigger, im 39 weeks now and i can watch my whole belly move, DF can feel it too if im lying next to him!

Harley's Mum - April 2006

gosh! the hiccups! Joel was due on the 11th may! He didnt come out until the 20th Though! Good luck!
Enjoy it whilst they have the hiccups inside of u cause when they come out...well I think u'll work it out! I remember the pacing up the hallway when Joel was a bubba and he got them like every single night!
Nah sounds like u have them in your tummy! lol! Dont u just love the sensation it gives u when lil bubba starts playing around in there! and hiccuping! Do u know what your having? What names do you have picked out?

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