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Possibly a silly question.... Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

This may be a silly question, but here goes...

I am 33 weeks and quite short (5'2"), and it seems like there is no more room left for bub to grow. I'm in a lot of pain, like the bub is stretching my belly and it just won't budge any further. I was just wondering of it was possible for the bub to run out of room? It feels like bub is even pushing my ribs out of the way for more room, and I'm really short of breath most of the time, and exhausted!

As I said it may be a silly question, but can anyone help me?

Hi Tracey,

The baby wont outgrow your uterus and the pain in your ribs and shortness of breath is pretty normal for 33weeks. Your carer would advise you if the baby was oversize for it's dates and intervene if this was an issue e.g because of gestational diabetes etc.

You'll find by about 36 weeks the baby will "drop" and will sit lower into your pelvis as it prepares to engage for labour - hence trouble breathing and the rib pain will ease and even stop. Then you'll just have to worry about the pain down below as bubs heads pushes on your bladder. Lol.

Remember no question about childbirth is a silly question and make sure you tell your carer about your exhaustion as the can rule out any problems like low iron levels, thyroid problems etc.

We all feel pretty tired towards the end so you sound pretty normal to me but if you are still worried make sure you ask the doc or midwife.

Just think - bubs is nearly here!!!

Good luck,

NT Mum, Keely 23/4/04 & EDD 26/4/06

Hi Tracey

I am due this Sunday and just scrape 5' 4" and have had some weird and wonderful pains and a feeling like I can't possibly stretch anymore!!! I'm all out front and although I have "dropped" slightly, I'm afraid to say the breathlessness hasn't eased at all and I'm pretty much tired all the time.

Having said all that I have had a pretty easy pregnancy and worked up to 35 weeks and am still enjoying it. I figure it's much easier to look after while it's in there than when it comes out!!!

Just think, not long now until you hold your wonderful little bundle in your arms and all these little niggles will seem really insignificant to the wonderful job you have done in nurturing you baby.

Take it easy, good luck with everything.

don't worry bub will make room...
when i was pregnant(bubs is now 5 months)
i am a very tiny person myself(50KG)
and i honestly didn't know how there was any room left down there,but somehow our bodies do it

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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