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Just wanting opinions and stories from others in this situation.

I am having an elective cs and I am not sure whether to express some breast milk beforehand for hubby to feed to our bubs while I am in recovery.

After speaking to the anaethetist (sp?) they suggested I could sign to approve formula being given or they could make baby wait until I come out of recovery (usually under 1 hour)

Any thoughts? I though expressing would be the best option- but I am a little confused!!!LOL!!!

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When I had my son via c/s he was with me the whole time and I was able to put him straight on the breast while I was in recovery. I s there a reason that your baby will not be with you in recovery?

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Hi! First of all congrats on the upcoming arrival! smile

My daughter was born via emergency CS, and as soon as she'd been checked out and pronounced okay, my husband helped me to hold her (my arms were still numb from the epidural), and then when I was in recovery I told the nurses I wanted to feed her ASAP, so they turned me onto my side and put Nina next to me, then helped me to get her on the breast. She suckled away happily right away, and I was so happy to be able to breastfeed her after a traumatic labour and the surgery.

As far as I know, babies aren't usually desperately hungry when they're first born, but the suckling is important for getting your milk going, helping the uterus contract, and comforting baby after the shock of coming out. You should do whatever feels right for you, but I don't think baby would need formula - I'd say it would be best for you to just aim to get baby to the breast as soon as you can, ask for help, and don't worry if it takes a wee while.

All the best! smile

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I had an elective cs with my twins, an epidural, and they went on the breast when I was in recovery, so they didnt have to wait long at all.. Everything worked out fine and they kept feeding well


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