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how long after the show?? Lock Rss

i am 4days over due , but had the show two nights ago.My question is how long after the show do u go into labour,this is the first time i have had the show so don't know what to expect,any help would be great!!


My waters broke a few hrs after I had the show. But each person is differnt. Sometimes you can get the show a week before your labour starts.

Sheila, Akld NZ, baby Stephanie born 28/3/06

i had my show 12 days before bubs arrived(she was 2 days over)
best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

my boy is 8 wks. and great. anyway i had the show the same day i had him, 3 am the back ache and 3.10 the show, 12.12pm (lunch time) he was born so i guess it depends on when u baby i ready.

my sister in laws friend had her show 2.5 months before she had her baby. rare but it happened

***haydens mum***

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