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Hi all,

I've heard a few things about evening primrose oil, on how it can bring labour on. What I really wanted to know is, has anyone tried it and did it work? A few ppl have said to take it orally and then a few others have said to insert it into the vagina.

It has caught my interest but I just want to know if the ppl that have taken it either orally or internally did it have a side effect and if it did work how long did it take??

Thanks Heaps (",)


Jasmine born 27.04.06

Hi Anna,

I have heard similar things and am keen to hear others thoughts on this also. I am so over being pregnant and just want bubs out.

Hope to hear some responses soon!

Don't know about Evening Primrose Oil, but apparently Raspberry leaf tea helps bring on labour. So too does some good old-fashioned sex (we did this and I went into labour the next night and my baby was born five days early). My midwife also advised positive visualisation (I did that during my bath the night before she was born). Finally, there are some acupressure points that help bring on labour, and some that assist labour. If you go to this website you can download a PDF brochure about acupressure before and during labour. If that doesn't work, do a search on Debra Betts - she wrote the booklet.

I had an easy pregnancy and loved it, but I got to the stage where I just wanted baby out!

Have fun.
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