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hi mummys!i had bubs at nepean hospital anyone else had their bubs their?wot woz your experience like?

i had my first at nepean last year.

i found it fairly good i was a bit disappointed with the antenatal care because in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy i was still only seeing the midwife 3 weekly than 2 weeks on the final one on my due date when they found out i had high blood pressure.

also in my final 2 weeks i had been into the delivery suite 2 times due to really bad stabbing pain on my right side to the point i could not walk and was told both times it was ligaments stretching.

than the day after my due date when i came in to monitor my blood pressure they did blood tests (after me swearing black & blue the pain was not ligaments stretching)they realised the placenta was starting to disintergrate & bubs blood was in mine hence the pain.

sorry about the long story but i was trying to point out they were a bit neglecting with that and my bub could have been in real danger and who knows if something would have happened if i did not keep insisting.

but the delivery (induction) and post natal care were all really good the midwifes were excellent considering i was in delivery suite for 2 days.

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