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Herbal products / Naturopath/ Naturopathy/ to help during labour Rss

Has anyone gone to a Naturopath or taken herbal products to help them with their labour? Do you have any suggestions on what to take?
DO you have an e-mail address, I have a list of combinations and ones to take for Homeopathic remedies =) It's quite long so i don't really want to write it all here lol as there are too many. Usually it will be you're support people doing this (giving them too you) and they need to discover what's going on with you at the point in time like how you're feeling so they can give you the right remedy. I recently bought my own Homeopathic Birthing Kit but we didn't get to use it at my friends birth because by the time we where there she was pushing-very quick labour.....but i will definatly be using it at a next birth or homeopathy remedies can last for a lifetime if kept properly. I bought mine from NZ and they where terrific...very helpful, the kit cost a lot but they do last a very long time so i think it's well worth it and also they can send out your kit before you pay them, which is good for any expectant mother because we're already facing buying all these baby things and we don't want to be stuck trying to pay for the kit in time before baby comes along.

only one's i know of are evening primrose oil (helps thinning and ripening of cervix for labour) and also rasberry leaf tea (helps with toning of uterus - makes contractions more effective)

Best of luck, I'm still waiting!
I had a lot from my naturopath to take in, but didn't end up using them! haa haa. smile Guess it was good that I had them on hand though! Careful with some herbs though, probably best to check with a professional first. Homeopathy is always handy to have on hand and less side effects
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