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Evening to all,
So am due in less than a week now, and am driving myself nutty waiting!
How do you keep yourself occupied at this stage of a pregnancy when all you want is your bubba in your arms?
I have done the nursery and have everything washed and put in the right drawers ready, we're just missing the bubba!smile
There's nothing else to be done, the housework etc i couldn't care much about, spent all of today in bed just relaxing doing nothing but sleeping and only been up for about 4 hours, but am tired again....
I feel like I've pregnant now for my fair share of the time allocated, it's my turn for labour.
Sorry to vent, just had enough!
Everytime bubba moves now it's uncomfy, like there's absolutely no more room, and bubba is bouncing on my tender bits up high on my vj-j. Ouch most of the time!
Due date 9th May, midwife seems to think 12-14th of May, so according to her I still have a wee way to go.
Am trying everything I can think of to encourage bubba out, but really there's not much point, cos he/she will come when ready!
Thanks for reading my rant
Love to all,
hey smile im due the 14th so i know how u feel, nothing left to do but wait . every1 around me seems to have had their bubs and after having my son at 36 weeks every1 was expecting id of had mine by now . im over the calls seeing if bubs is here i keep telling every1 ill call when i do , stop calling me lol, i dont need to b reminded. i feel like im going to burst . good luck i hope ur bubba makes a arrival very soon for u smile tam

likewise Tam, wont b long and you will be under a week's count like me.
i have no labour stuff happening at all, praying for bubba before they start talking about inducment.
Hi Lottie

You may be in labour as I write this!

I know how you feel- with my cherub I even had the butchers saying haven't you had that baby yet??

As hard as it is to get comfortable, just try to chill, go for walks (or waddles), lie on the couch or bed, just rest up because you're about to go through a mammouth journey.

Take care and good luck,
read books
watch dvds
chat online
go for walks
if you are labouring - remind your birth support person what your 'birth plan' is and what you think about all the different scenarios that could occur.
trim the hedge (metaphorically speaking!)
get a predicure/manicure.
ring a friend that you haven't spoken to for ages.
bulk email ALL your friends telling them you are bored and need a reply to keep you occupied! catch up on whats going on in their lives.
go for a swim.

Nope not in labour, but my little darling is definitely stretching her/his legs against my ribs, wish bubba would push itself down and trigger labour:)
Many thanks for the suggestions above. I will try them.
Walks have become difficult, got husband to trim the hedge last night:) lol he also cut my toe nails etc amd massaged my feet. smile such a darling. Have emailed the anenatal group we were part of trying to arrange a lunch catch up... but so far haven't heard back. i could try a swim tomorrow, wonder if my bathing suit still fits... hahaha

[Edited on 04/05/2009]
Swimming sounds like a great idea, I liked just relaxing in the pool holding on to a kickboard or something and just floating (heated pool) or visiting friends because its not so easy with a newborn so I chose to do it while I couldn't do much else. Did NO housework, DH did that! Catch up on sleep, oh I still miss my sleep....make sure all bills, shopping etc.. is up to date in case you don't get out to do that for a few days/weeks.
Go to the beautician, get a facial or waxing, get a haircut and colour go have some reflexology, that can bring on labour too smile
If you haven't already, go over your birth plan, make sure they are on the same page as you and will support what you want, not what they want....
Thats all I can think of smile

well am still here in one piece. Baby now overdue!
Oh you poor thing you are overdue. I have one week to go and i am so over it also.

Feels like my V-Jay is dropping out.

i am so excited to meet my son.
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