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Antenatal do or not to do.. Rss

Hi Love

My only advice, if you wish to do the class, do it early.

With my first born, I was booked in for an all day class at 35 weeks, my baby came the day BEFORE the class and was born with a one hour 30 min labour.

Good Luck with everything!

I thought our class was a waste of time, it was so crap!
We did the whole day one, started at like 8.30am and went through to 4pm and it was a waste of a saturday IMO.
I was about 30 weeks when i went i think, and i had already got self educated, and read some books etc, but the day went on forever, because we had people in our class you didnt know anything.......Not even the basics, so the poor midwife had to explain every little detail about the most basic things, and we didnt even get time to talk about breastfeeding or anything... That was the biggest reason of me going!! LOL
Everyone has different experiences though.....
Hi Stephanie,
Don't write them off too quickly as they could be very valuable.
I have only just started but I got to meet some other couples and it was reassuring to see other people going through the same worries and so forth as me.
I'm pleased also for my partner to get an understanding of everything that is going to happen in the labor, plus talk to other guys as well.
Also they show us around the labor ward, the neo-natal ward and the maternity ward and show us how to get in after hours, this will all make us a lot more confident of what to do when the time actually comes.
I just think it can't hurt to arm yourself with as much info as you can, you might only get one thing out of the whole lot but it might just make it worth your while.
Thats just my opinion anyway smile

Hi all
I've decided not to do classes either and just want to say thanks to everyone for their feedback. I didnt feel like it was really essential for me despite woman around me telling me that i should be doing them. I think i've got a pretty good idea about whats going to happen and my dh is fairly knowledgable about most things as well. We've already done a tour of the maternity unit at the hospital and the midwives have been more than happy to answer any questions i've had at my appts. i think that if you feel like you're not going to gain from them then why bother with your time and money. There's plenty of info on this site, the internet in general, at the library and from other mothers that i know.
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Hello Stephanie, completley off topic... but I had to smile when I saw your ticker was called Jellybean's Countdown. We didn't find out the sex of baby before he was born and called him Jellybean too (Coz that was what he looked like on my first scan)!

PS, I didn't learn much more in antenatel class than what the internet and midwife had already told me, but they helped Hubby to feel included and we still keep in contact with new friends made while there.

Good luck with the Jellybean! =)
I'm in NZ and I didnt bother with them at all, my MW said they can be quite touchy feely and I'm not really into that also I think with books and websites like this you can learn alot anyway.
I'm prob someone who shouldve cos I didnt know alot but it came so naturally I'm glad I didnt bother.
Do you have friends with kids?

We attended antenatal classes over 2 Saturdays (6 hours each day)
Because i have younger sisters so was around them as babies and because i read lots of baby books while pregnant i didnt learn a lot of stuff however my DH learnt quite a lot (along with the other males there as well)
We had 8 couples in our classes and there are 5 of us couples that meet up regulary for bbq's. Plu s just the Mum's & bub's meet up once a month and myself & 2 others meet every week at swimming lessons and then for a coffee afterwards.
The classes are an excellent opportunity to make some friends that will have babies around the same age.

I would say just go for it. We learnt so much that we didn't even think we had to know, and they will teach you what to do in am emergency if the baby comes before you can get to a hospital.

We have met some life long friends from our group and the kids will probably be friends for a long time too.
It depends on what you want to know. I never went to them but I did do an active birth workshop. This was basically a workshop to understand how birth works and wehat you can do to let it progress naturally and how to deal with pushy hospitals.... It also went into the mental preperation for birth and had a bit for men to discuss stuff with the men and the women to discuss stuff with women. It was brilliant!
You can also do breastfeeding classes with the ABA so if you want specific breastfeeding info - you are better going to them....
I attended two classes and felt like my time would have been better spent at home with my feet up.

Now days there is just so much information out there for us that the classes just seem to be repeating what most of us already know.
When to the classes for my first pregnancy and they just explain to you what you can to help yourself and other people can do as well to help you with pain and some of the information was good. But with my second pregnancy I am not going to go cause I have been there already and know what to expect this time around I hope.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Class is a waste of time. I personally feel online healthcare courses are much better as I have already taken one related to health education for antenatal mother. Google it you will find several other as well.
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