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Panadeine Forte? Lock Rss

i spoke with a midwife during early-ish/mid labour and she said to take the panadene if i wanted to. she said that it wont affect the labour at all... or obviously the baby or she wouldn't have said to take it. i did take it but it was too late, labour was well established and it didn't do anything!!

i dont know about panadene forte during labour.. might not be a good idea if u have to stay awake. regular panadine is okay though.

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

my guess it'd be ok, pethadine is a narc and you can have that in labour, but it prob wont be worth taking, just use heat packs, massage etc, and keep active. and if you do have some make sure you tell the mw's

I was given panadeine forte by the nurse to cope with the after pains of having my second son. I was breastfeeding and after I had the panadeine my son slept for 11 hours and we couldn't wake him. The nurse had to prick his foot with a needle to wake him. I won't be taking it this time around.
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