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  5. Has anyone used clary sage oil to induce labour ??

Has anyone used clary sage oil to induce labour ?? Lock Rss


I had a checkup today and my midwife mentioned clary sage oil mixed with almond oil rubbed into your stomach helps induce labour. Has anyone ever used this and did it help or cause complications?


I tried using it to induce labour but it didnt work for me. Apparently u have to rub it on your tummy, hips, lower back and thighs really well, i got a few pains but they didnt progress into anything. It does have a wonderful relaxing effect though. I used it in an oil burner during labour - not sure if it helped me but my support people were nice and relaxed lol.

I used it with DS, but only in the last few days (so it may have worked?!?). DS was 8 days early.
I put a few drops in the bath, and then rubbed a bit on my belly before bed. I was also going for long walks, drinking raspberry leaf tea, etc, so not sure if the oil helped or not. It didn't cause any complications though, my labour was fantastic and DS is beautiful and healthy and happy and nearly 2 now. But I did only use it in the last few days.
[Edited on 12/08/2008]
Thanks for your replies, I might wait a little bit longer before using it. Im getting plenty of exercise chasing my son around so that should help when my due date is closer!!

Hi there

I haven't tried clary sage but am keen to try this time around. I took rasberry leaf tablets last time and will again this time. My labour was a lot faster and only really painful contractions for last 2-3 hours. I was 7 days early too so don't know if the tablets helped there or not.... Also another tip I do is to take Brauer Arnica tablets after the birth with is excellent for internal and external bruising. It's safe to take and u can still take painkillers if need be. You can get it from most chemists and health shops

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

I tried this last time. sadly it did nothing. altho i am still going to try it this time aswell, ya never know. it might work.

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

I bought clary sage oil at 38+5 weeks to add to my massage oil for labour. At about 2pm I got it out and mixed it for my massage oil and had a sniff of it. At about 4;30pm I started getting what I thought were painful braxton hicks every 15-20 mins then at about 7pm I thought I would burn some clary sage oil and have a bath with a few drops in it. By 1am I was getting regular contractions and had my baby at 7am that morning! I'm not sure of this was a coincidence but I believe it was the clary sage that helped my labour start and also the labour was so much less painful/quicker than my first pregnancy.
I would definatley recommend it!
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