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I am expecting my third child and am concerned about trying to have this baby naturally as I had a cesarean with my last baby. I have heard horror stories of the complications that may arise during natural birth after a cesarean.
Some helpful hints or advice from others who have experienced this would be great.

Kristy, QLD, expecting, 2yr old, 5yr old

I had a natural birth (or trial by scar as they like to call it) after having had a previous caesarian. My specialist monitored me closely every step of the way, and I had to have an epidural regardless so they could do an emergency c section quickly if needed. It all depends if the reasons you had the last c section for are still a factor, also size of baby, duration of labour (I have loooong labours, and my babies have all been posterior, so they recommended repeat c sections after my natural delivery so I did not put too much stress on my scar). The main complication that my specialist discussed was scar rupture during labour. This occurence is RARE now as they do the cut low and horizontal instead of vertically. In the end, you choose whatever is going to be best for baby & you - it's not the journey but the end result you are after. Good luck!

mummy of 3, WA

Hi kristyc,
I had a cesarean with my first baby due to her size(I had gestational diabetes) and I didn't dialate more than 6cms after a very long labour. September last year I gave birth, by cesarean again, with my second child. I was advised to because of my history and because of the small risk of rupturing my scar if I gave birth naturally. The best part about it was the fact I knew exactly when the new addition would arrive and I didn't have to go through labour. I had a spinal block this time(last time I had the epidural) so I could watch my beautiful daughter being born and although there is the recovery period afterwards, I don't regret not having her naturally. Good luck!
i have had 3 sections but several of my friends have had a c section & then had anothe one vaginally i think it depends on the reason u had the section

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Kristy,

I had an emergency cesarean with my first child as he was stuck ( they discovered this after 30 hours of labour! ) so when I fell pregnant with my second I was too scared to even try and give birth naturally and was going to book straight in for a cesar, luckily my doctor talked me out of it and I had a perfectly normal delivery, (although at times I was asking for a cesar just to get it over and done with!)

I am so glad I didn't book in for a cesar as the recovery side of it is so much better, I was up and walking around within 1/2 hour of having my baby.

They did tell me though if I hadn't been progressing well they would have given me a cesar, just to avoid too much pressure on the scar.

I am now pregnant with our third baby and I am confident that will be a natural delivery also, as I know I can do it now.

I hope all goes well for you and that you get to have the delivery that you want.

Don't be scared, you can do it!

Tanya, Vic, 3yrs, 1yr.

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