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Hey Ladies,
I was wondering if any of u in previous prenancies were overdue and had to be induced by havin your water broken? If I don't go naturally in the next few days I am booked in to have this done on Tues morn. Can u tell me what it feels like and if it hurts? THANX

Mumma of 3.

I was induced with the gel with my second pregnancy. I was about 2-3cms but my cervix was still not forwards so they put me hospital and inserted the gel (with a kind of tampon applicator) onto my cervix. The insertion of the gel didn't hurt at all, but the gel itself gave me back ache like period pain for the night. I was 39w5days.

I did not want my waters broken as there was no guarentee that I would go into labour - and then theres the risk of a c-section if the waters are broken for too long. Luckily for me my waters broke on their own in the morning when DD turned from posterior to anterior and my contractions started right away. 1h 57mins later she was born with no more intervention.

I had the drip to speed things up with my first labour and it definately makes the contractions more intense. I would try everything you can to go into labour naturally (lots of sex, walks, maybe ask your midwife about pressure points on your ankles - reflexology).

Good Luck!

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Hey, I have a long induction story that I won't write down but will say it is different for everyone. I was told that after having the gel at night I would need the drip in the morning and then my waters broken because nothing had happened at all. Instead I had the gel at 8pm and by 7.40am the next morning I was holding my baby! But it defintely does bring on an intense labour and mine was all over the place, not regular at all.

And when I had my waters broken I was fully dilated and ready to push so it didn't hurt a bit cos I was already in agony. But it is not any worse then an internal and you already had that!

Good Luck again!
I was 12 days overdue & had my waters broken(it did not hurt,just the gush of liquid was uncomfortable)
I was then induced & had my baby 20hrs later,I did not want to go that way,but she would not come.
It's different for everyone but labour is painful & worth every bit.
You will be fine,my fingers are crossed for you that your labour comes on naturally in the next few days smile

hi there

well i definatly know how you feel!!! i had to have my waters broken with my first daughter i was already in labour how ever with her and at 8cm dilated she just decided that she was tired and labour stopped so they broke my waters and still nothing happened ( as they say no guarantee with breaking waters) and so in the end they gave me the drip but when they acctually broke my waters it was uncomfortable but not painful the weird part was feeling like i had wet myself tongue
I have been told and been doing alot of reading up on natural inducement as i am due in a few weeks and dont want to be induced as i was with my daughter that walking on a curb with one foot on the curb and the other on the road is spose to be really good ( dont know how but anyway) fresh pineapple is spose to work hasnt for me yet
sex, walking, accupunture (points just above yr anckle and in the crease of your thumb and pointer finger and there is also a couple of points in the shoulder area that pushes everything down)

but hopefully nature will take its course for you before that happens but if it doesnt then like they say labour is diffrent for everyone but personally speaking inducement definatly made it more intense for myself (as i had already been in labour 12 hrs before they induced me )

good luck and hope everything goes well for you please let me know if and when you get the time to let us know how you went

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hey there quin

firstly i just wanted to congradulate you on the arrival of your beautiful baby soon well today in this case hopefully you will be fine and you will do an awesome job of bringing that beautiful bundle into the world......

I should have posted this yesterday but i didnt see it till this morning i am also off to the dr today to see what that pain is so will keep ya posted
please let us know how you get on

good luck and congrats once again

Renee d.o.b: 7/12/03, Aiden d.o.b: 22/12/05

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