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Inducement by Accupuncture Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone has successfully used accupuncture to bring on labour? and if so how long after the session did it take to start?

I was due to have my 1st baby on 17th Nov and have now been booked into the hospital on Sunday to be induced. After reading up on induction it has scared the cr*p out of me as it says this can make labour more painful (can labour get anymore painful !) So I've now made an appoinment to see an accupuncturist in the hope this can kick start the labour naturally.

If anyone has experienced this or knows anyone who has, your info would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Sharn,

I read your post with much interest!

I had Louis last October and had to be induced, I have just discovered that I am pregnant again and am prepared for being induced as my Mum had to be induced with all three of us.

I will offer my experience of being induced as it may settle your mind.

I went in at 7.00 and after settling in and being checked over etc I was given my first lot of prostin gel. It was inserted vaginally by a gynae doc, and althought slightly uncomfortable was not painful.

'Fake' contractions started within a half hour, but they were very mild a little like period pain. I had another lot of prostin at lunchtime and things were a little more full on after that.

Real contractions started at around 5.00 and by 9.00 I had Louis. Had I been more experienced, I feel that he would have been born earlier than that as I am sure I could have pushed earlier!!

The only annoying thing about being induced, was having the babies heart rate monitored for 20 minutes every hour or so. It was obviously for the best, but you have to keep still which is bloody hard when you're having contractions, fake or otherwise!

If you do find out more about acupuncture and inducement, please let me know!!

Sarah =)

Louis' Mum, Wgtn, where did that year go!?!

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