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Anyone have their baby on their own birthday? Lock Rss

I recently had my baby boy who was due on 10th Feb but didnt arrive! I was then induced and after 2 days of labour had him in an emergency c-section on my own birthday. At first I didnt want to share but now I think its quite sweet, the only thing that made me reluctant was having a pisces like myself. Luckily my son seems to have inherited my partners (an aquarius) manner - so happy and placid. Keen to know if others have had their babies on their birthdays.

Blakes mum

My cousin had her daughter on her birthday

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I was born on my mum's birthday 10th September smile She always said I was her best birthday present ever. Most recently mum turned 52 and myself well i just turned the tender age of 32 ;p LOL

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1

I have had two children and am on my third currently......... My birthday is on the 2nd October.....

My first was due on the 11th of Oct, she came in on the 4th of October 1999.

My second was due on the 25th Sept., she came in on the 3rd of October 2000.

My third, which i am pregnant with now is due approx. 15th September..........

LETS SEE IF THIS ONE CAN CATCH THE SPECIAL DAY?????? smilesmilesmilesmilesmilesmile
My son and daughter were both born on the 1st of December 4 years apart.My son wanted a sister and to get one for his birthday was the best present.They are now 16 and 12years old and are still very close and i'm sure its because they share there birthday.Now they have a brother born 14/3/04 which they love.I will have to try and have another on his birthday and have a matching set!!!!
my mil had hre 5th and lsat son on here bday its also new years eve!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Brooke

mine is due just after my bday but everyone is telling me it is going to come on my bday. if it doesnt come on mine it will probably come on my brothers as they are around the time it is due.

i know this post is wayyy old, but thought i'd put in my 2 cents worth anyway! 1st son was born on the 3rd of september 1999 - 2days before father's day and my husband thought he was the best father's day present ever! ...then my 3rd son was born on the 1st of september 2002 - ON father's day! now that was definitely the best father's day PRESENT ever, but i don't know if my husband would say it was the best FATHER'S DAY he wasn't exactly in the spotlight on his special day!!! (don't think he minded too much, though! tongue ). now, though, every few years my hubby has to share or give over his special day because it's one of theirs!!! (1st son's 1st birthday was on father's day) tongue

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