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INDUCED LABOUR...who had 1?? Lock Rss

I had a little girl Natalie on 19/11/03. I was 11 days over and was induced. I thought this meant that they would break my waters and thats it...didn't realise until I was in hospital that I'd be on the drip (oxytocin). My labour was so painful, although I got through without any drugs or gas...probably due to the fact that I was stuck on the toilet for 5 1/2 hrs cos I was too scared to move!! I read afterwards that the drip brings on contractions really hard and fast... I was wondering if anyone else was induced and found it unbearable? Might just help when it comes to having my 2nd bub....although certainly not pregnant yet!!
Any other stories from anyone?!?
Although it was a while ago my mum was induced with me with the drip she had a horrific labour and was in stirrups for the whole 6 hours or so with my dad holding a bucket so she could vomit the whole time.

Hence I'm an only child smile

I've heard though that apart from the gel which they usually use before the drip you can get them to start at a lower dose ont he drip - that might make them a little less painful.

I'm due in 3 and a half weeks and hoping none of that will be needed but its good to be informed smile

Love Steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Wow, well done for getting through without any pain releif!!! I don't know how you did it.
I was induced 2 days after my son's due date, due to pre-eclampsia. His head wasn't fully engaged and my cervix wasn't 'ripe' however delivering my baby was the only way my blood pressure was going to come down. My obstetrician explained that as it was my first baby there was a high chance I'd end up having a caesar - which I did after several hours of labour!!! I had 2 lots of gel about six hours apart, the first lot didn't do much - just a few mild period like pains. A couple of hours after the second lot of gel I couldn't walk - they had to get a wheelchair for me to get from my room to the delivery suite which was only 100 m down the hall. Once in the delivery suite I used the gas which was brilliant it really took the edge off the pain. But my blood pressure was really high - 140/100 - so I had to have an epidural to bring it down, not only did it bring my blood pressure down, it slowed the contractions down as well. So they put in the drip to try and increase them but it didn't work and then the baby's heart rate dropped so I had to have an emergency caesar. Although nothing went as I expected it to, I was pretty relaxed through the whole thing - if it happened again it wouldn't bother me at all. My obstetrician was brilliant and I knew we were in the best hands with him. My son was born healthy - he scored 9 for both of his Apgar tests and my recovery was really good.

I was induced a week and a half before I was due because of my gestational diabetes. I had the gel the night before and then had the drip and my waters broken the next morning. I found my labour did go from nothing much to pretty full on over a very short period of time (about an hour). Apparently my contractions were like I was 9cm dilated and I was only 2cm. I used the gas about three times, but then bubby was getting distressed so I ended up having an emergency caesar. I was the same as Jasmine though, had a great obstetrician and had a very healthy girl (Apgar 9 and 10).

On the other hand, I had a girlfriend who has been induced both times and both her labours were different. One was hard and fast, the other not as painful and longer. I guess it varies with the individual.

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05

I was induced with oxytocin 4 wks before my due date due to my membranes rupturing without contractions. It was incredibly painful, I tried the gas but found it useless, it wasn't until after the birth the midwife realised the gas was on the lowest setting, so I had peth, but that just made me sick. Luckily I was only in labour for 7 hours.

My daughter is now 14 months and I am currently 36wks with my second and hoping everything happens naturally this time round.
hi well my name is nat and i was also induced but i was induced cause my labour wasnt going anywhere cause only half my waters had broken i went in at 8:30 on the monday morning after being in labour all weekend they put the drip in at 9:00 and my daughter was born at 12:56 that day half way through they broke the rest of my waters but god the pain was so bad but i got through it without any pain relief so i was proud of myself.
I was induced with both my girls. I was overdue with them both, neither wanted to leave!! The first one was horrible! I walked around with a towel between my legs because I couldn't stand the wetness after they broke my waters! The 2nd time around I was 3cm dialated a week before they induced me & the whole time I was in labour I only got to 5cm! I had the drip both times. The thing with the drip is that the dr or midwife controls whether to make the contractions stronger or easier, they turn it up to bring them on & then turn it down once they get going on their own. That's what can make the contractions alot more painful.
I'm now 32weeks with my 3rd & I'm praying that I'll get to experience a natural beginning to labour, but I very much doubt it!!

Sam, mum to 3 girls,brisbane

HI All

I have been induced both times with my children. I think they go to sleep in there when it is time to come out. With my daughter I was induced at 12 days over with the gel as the Dr was unable to break the waters. I was given three doses of the gel over a 36hr period and was then sent home, and was required to spend the rest of the week and the weekend at home and to go back to the hospital on the monday night if labour had not started by itself. At 19days overdue I went into labour on the monday morning. It was a pleasent 12 Hour labour (with drugs and stitches) but I ended with a Vaccum extractiuon. My second baby was 11 days over and I was scheduled for an induction which l was not looking forward to. I had my waters broken and the drip put in. The start was great until the midwife thought that the labour was slowing down so she turned it god l felt it then. I delivered a healthy baby boy from start to finish in 4 hrs and with only a small amount of gas. I would have to agree that a drip induction is nasty but generally a quick delivery. The problem is that the labour is fake and it is not your body controlling it. I was unfortunate that the drip was going all the way until after he was born.

After say that l will go back again. After speaking with my midwife during the labour she assured me the most women are safe to go the full two weeks over before an induction is required. I think that is what I will be doing. What is an extra couple of days when you are already over. I do understand that some women need to be induced but I will be talking to my dr and making my feelings known and unless it is really required I think I will wait and try for a natural spontanious birth....they are better!!!!

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

I was induced with my first son when my waters broke and nothing else happened and i was the same as everyone else, as soon as that drip goes in the contractions become so painful. My doctor kept telling me it would be over soon but it took 10 hours and i had quite a few stitches.
Don't worry there is still hope yet, I have just had my second son (well 4 months ago) and he was natural and what a difference that is. It still hurt pushing him out because i didn't have all the painful relief i had with my first, but it was over quicker, it was so much easier pushing the second time and i had not one stitch. I lost a lot of blood, but that happened with the first and they expected that again.

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

i got given the gel vaginally. and it brought on labour straight away. it was places in at 8pm and thats when the contractions started that was about 8:10pm. and it was on for the count from then on. yes it was painful but i was happy it had started i was wanting to see my baby. i dont think any labour would not be all that painful i think that they all are aint they????

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Hi there, both my girls, (9months and 10 years old) were induced with syntocin (oxytocin) about a week before they were due. The contractions were pretty bad but never having had a natural labour I can't compare them. Both times the pain part of the labour was relatively short, about 7 hours and then about 5 for the second because the Synto speeds things up. Now I think I'm pregnant again, I'm a bit worried that if they don't give me the drip I'll have a long labour. Myself I'd rather have the pain and get it over with. The longer you're in labout the more tired you get and that's when I can't cope!!!!

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

Hi There,

I was induced with my first pregnancy after 2 days of contractions and no progress with dilation. I finally went to hospital where they waited hours before breaking my waters hoping to speed up the process. Hours later it was decided that I needed help so was put on a syntocinon drip and after that I felt the most traumatic labour pains ever! I was given an epidural to help but it only worked on one side of me. I still felt everything on the other side! After 14 hours I finally delivered my perfect daughter who is now 15 months old. For many months after my daughter was born I swore I would never go through that again. I have never felt such intense pain as after being put on that drip in my life! But it seems that to a degree time does make you forget... I am now 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd bub and plan to do everything I can to bring on labour when the time comes to avoid being induced! I have since read and heard that the most painful and traumatic labours are caused by being induced. I didn't have a choice last time... I needed the help, next time I pray I don't need the help!

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