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My Induction Lock Rss

Hi All
Went and seen my doctor this morning and she has decided this baby doesn't want to come out by herself ....... So I'm off to be induced tomorrow night (7pm Tuesday) they are putting the first lot of gel in...... They are going to try 3 lots over 24 hours and then if that doesn't work they are giving me a C section.
As bub is growing very BIG!!!! Which is scary as Courtney was 7lb 9oz and this l'il one was already 8lb 8oz last Monday when I had an ultrasound done.
Well hope the gel works and hopefully I will be out by Friday.
Chat soon


?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

Hi just writing to wish you the best of luck. Hope that all goes well for you. I am due in 7 weeks with our second.
Take care and have a good nights sleep and a rest tomorrow!!
Thanks Nadine.... I off to bed now
Thanks again

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

You will do great Anni. I had the same thing, my son didnt want to come out either, and all through my pregnancy, they told me I was HUGE!! Made me scared I was having a 30 pound monster!! My son was 8lb 15oz, which is big, but normal these days!!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

You will be fine Anni!!! My son was the same, didn't want to come out, and I was induced. All through my pregnancy, I was told how HUGE he was. I thought I was having a fully grown 11 year old!! He was only 8 lb 15oz, which is big, but not unusual. I can't wait to hear how you went smile

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

is it routine to have an ultrasound late on in the pregnancy ie like 38 weeks or is that only if they suspect something is up?

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Sorry guys, I didn't mean to post twice, it told me that it didnt accept the first one!! Sometimes they do late ultrasounds to do things like check size Stephanie. If you are having one done, and you don't know why, just ask. Its your body, and your baby, and you desrve to know what they are doing and why? Don't be scared to ask questions.

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Thanks marti, I guess with only 7 weeks to go I'm freaking out about everything gasp)

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Be prepared for the big bang! I also had three lots of gel. There was nothing then the third lot went in and BANG off I went. I was having constant contractions and lucky to get 30 seconds rest in between. I made the mistake of not taking the sleeping pill they offered me the night before and I became exhausted. After gas and pethadine I ended up with an epidural. I got 2 hours sleep then it moved and stopped working and the pain came back. Anyway after 14/15 hours Jessika still didn't want to come and from problems arising she was delivered emergency C-Section.
As I write this your probably experiencing everything I have written.
Good Luck and let us know how you went.

Baby: Jessika

Thats ok Stephanie, you are on the home stretch now smile I am sure you have nothing to worry about, but us women worry anyway!!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

My son was the same, he was born 8 pounds 7oz and i was told the whole way through how big i was. he didn't want to come out and they induced me at 11 days over. it took one lot of gel and i was off, five hour labour and he was out. i hope everything goes weel for you. keep us posted!

Take care
I have been told that my baby is going to be born 2 weeks early because she is on the big side and they thing she will be the 8 pound mark.

In excited that she is going to be here sooner, but im also worried that they have to induce me and i dont know what im in for.

After reading your story, im feeling a little bit more optimistic now smile

DD, VIC baby due soon

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