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anyone used TENS Lock Rss

Hi there, My husband and i recently attended the labour and childbirth class - where they mentioned the TENS machine. Has anyone heard any real stories from women who have used it? I am not too keen on the drugs thing, so this in conbination with gas, would be ideal, IF proved to valuable...
Hi how are you?
congrats on your pregnancy.
I havent used the tens machine as i am still pregnant with my first but a friend of mine had a baby 7 weeks ago and tried the TENS machine as she was told it would be helpful.
She did not find it useful at all and has told me not to bother with it. I want a drug free labour so i'll stick to the gas cause they sayit leaves the system quick!
i hope this helps you goodluck to you and your hubby


thanks - everything is going well only 7 weeks to go. Thanks for the info. We have booked ourselves in for a bit of a run down on this TENS machine. It can't hurt right? I'll let you know how it goes if you like
You are right it cant hurt to try i actually wouldnt mind trying it myself let me know how you go!
If you want to chat at all my email is [email protected]
I have 14 weeks to go and i cant wait!


Hi, i have five weeks to go with my second, and i was really curious about using the tens with my first but didn't end up going ahead with it. The hospital gives a brief description but won't go into detail so i'd love to hear from you how it works etc as i can't seem to get any info here.
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