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Your Labour and Birth

Modesty During and After giving Birth - May Contain Adult Themes! Lock

Hey Girlies, Just thought I would start a thread about the disgusting things that happen during ...

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Oh my gosh I wish I had found this before I gave birth! When I was ready to push, my midwife went down there too have a look and po...


Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) Lock

Please feel free to discuss your experience with either preparing for, trying, or achieving a VBA...

542 replies

Hi Ms ( babymakinmachine) pls send me the details of the hosp n gynae who supported you for the VBA3cs Thanks alot!


Auckland Hospital

Hi All, Just wondering whether anyone has birthed at Auckland hospital over the last couple of we...

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Partners staying overnight at Lyell McEwin Lock

Does anyone know if partners are allowed to stay overnight at Lyell McEwin hospital? As public pa...

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Private room at Lyell McEwin Hospital Lock

Hi! I am pregnant with #1 and trying to decide whether to go public or private. We are wanting ...

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Hot work tool steel H13 Supplier Lock

There are several applications provided by H13 tool steel. H13 hot tool steel is used for extrusi...

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What do I pack in my bag for hospital? Lock

Hi this is my first pregnancy and I don't really know what to pack in my bag to take with me...

6 replies

Thanks so much everyone this has actually helped so much. I have really bad OCD so I really like having everything organised and rea...


2nd Pregnancy not considering epidural Lock

I am pregnant with my second and considering whether or not to hold off on the epidural. My first...

12 replies

Old thread but I thought I’d reply with my experience for future posters. I had a natural posterior birth with first- it was traumat...


Obstetricians - Westmead Private Lock

Hi All, First time here so apologies if this has been covered or is in the wrong area... I am i...

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Longer or shorter labour’s? Lock

Hi ladies, Did your labour’s get quicker the more children you birthed or longer? Love to hear ...

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37wks - very sore pubic bone area!!!!!! Lock

Hiya girls, I am suffering from a very sore pubic bone, this started last night... When I went ...

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Bringing on Labour how? Lock

Are you trying everything you can to bring on labour? You might want to read this first! Read ...

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In labour in the car to hospital Lock

HI everyone with my first child i was induced so i was already at the hospital when i went into ...

11 replies

We are all wants to gain your instructions for the car to hospital patients. The website is now going to publish different resources...


What was your pain relief of choice? Lock

After a baby shower where the talk turned to pain relief choices, Sarah looks at options. Read...

30 replies

I didn’t know what to expect from this post as I was suggested to read it in one of the my assignment help reviews. And it was a goo...


Vba2c Lock

Hello, Is There anyone who tried and did succeed a vba2c in Sydney? Can you please share your exp...

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Haha it's funny but I think youre right about it.


Vomiting at 39 weeks? Lock

I woke up this morning and was feeling fine, all of a sudden I got really nausea and vomited ever...

5 replies

I'm 39+5 and for the past 3-4days I've been throwing up. I've been reading and googling. Apparently labour is near or...


Bartholin Cyst during labour - anybody? Lock

Hi everybody, Bartholin Cysts apparently affect 1 in 20 women so I'm hoping that there's somebody...

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Selwyn Midwives Lock

Hi I’m looking for recommendations on midwives that Work in the Selwyn area, Lincoln and Rollesto...

1 reply

Try the find your midwife website. Each LMC has a wee bit about themselves and gives you a feel for them. There a few awesome ladies...


Recommendations for GP obs Perth Lock

Hi all! We’ve fallen pregnant before our health insurance waiting period ticked over and so we ar...

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Cord Blood Donation Lock

I am thinking of donating my cord blood and wondering how do I go about it?

13 replies

Once considered a waste product, umbilical cord blood (UCB) was discarded with the placenta after delivery. It has been found to be ...


Nerve damage Lock

Since giving birth 12 weeks ago iv had no sensation to urinate I can drink so much and never get ...

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Episiotomy Lock

Hi all! Recently had an episotomy (cut so I didn't tear in delivery) and everyone talks abou...

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Hospital lists for mum and Bub Lock

Hospital lists for mum and Bub what to pack to take

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pink N blue2

Essential oils to bring on labour ??? Lock

hi all im 36wks preg and starting to look into some natural ways to hellp bring on labour. Not ri...

7 replies

I used the clary sage essential oil.It is said it gives relieve pain and promote labor to help ease childbirth and delivery.


Do you remember the pain of your labour? Lock

Hi everyone, I was curious as to how many of you actually remember how bad labour really was or ...

7 replies

Hi everyone I rermber every think it was only 4 weeks a go I remember the pain was so bad it started about 8:00am and finished at ...


Antenatal Care.. How do you choose??? Lock

Hi ladies! I'm pregnant with my first and was hoping some of you could shed some light on the pr...

23 replies

Abudo has a pretty informational course on health education for antenatal mother. The purpose of this course is to educate expecting...


Antenatal do or not to do.. Lock

Hey, I'm new here but am having a few worries about antenatal classes and if I should or should n...

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Class is a waste of time. I personally feel online healthcare courses are much better as I have already taken one related to health ...


Antenatal Classes? Lock

I'm just wondering how many of you went to antenatal classes. I don't think that I'm going to bo...

13 replies

I haven't gone for a class I sign up myself for an online health education for antenatal mother course. This course contains al...


Does evening primrose oil help bring on labour Lock

Almost 39 weeks with second baby, will using evening primrose oil help in anyway to bring on labo...

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Induction at 41+5 IVF First time labour Lock

Hi ladies, just looking for some of your experiences to try and give myself more of a picture of ...

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10 days overdue, baby is 9.3lb apparently and my mum is driving me nuts.. Lock

I'm a FTM and overdue by 10 days. Had a scan to check on how baby was doing, and he's d...

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HypnoBirthing MW

HypnoBirthing classes Lock

Hi Mamas, I took HypnoBirthing classes during my pregnancy and they were AMAZING! The classes ar...

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I also took up a hypnobirthing home study course since I’m tired of going out. They use soothing music that is conducive for learnin...


Who do I have in the room for the big moment? :/ Lock

Hello lovely ladies Im only 20 weeks pregnant with my first little miracle right now and ALREAD...

27 replies

Hey Gorgeous. Hope you are doing good. Well, it is a bit odd for people asking you to take them along with you in the room. It seems...



When I breast fed my 1st son mind u I only did for 5 days. I used Marcalan (I think thats what it...

32 replies

BF brings out the best in babies but not in mommies. I was totally crampy when I had nipple sores. Having had three kids already, I ...


Retained Placentas Lock

I am very curious how many other people have had this. I have had 2 out of 4 pregnancy's, my...

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Epidural questions! Lock

Help! I’m a first time mum and I have friends who have said how long they waited for the anesthet...

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Hey Kristalenamli, Is that your daughter I see in the picture? You two look adorable together. Lime mum. Like daughter. Hehe! Althou...