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Are you due in July Lock Rss

Hi I would be keen to start email contact with other soon to be Mums who are due in July.

I have 2 children 9 and almost 5 and am 15 weeks pregnant.

email me if keen [email protected]

mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

Hi i'm 18weeks pregnant and due on the 1st of July
and scared cause this is my first and cause i'm only 17 years old

Skye,South Australia,baby due 07/04

hi chickie
My name is Leanne and i am 20 years old and have a 7 week old daughter, Talana.
It was really hard becoming a mother at a young age but i wouldn't trade it for anything!
If you want to e-mail me my email address is [email protected] i am also on msn with that address too

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi, I too had my first baby at 17 (he is now 9) and it was very scary, worst thing was telling my parents. My partner (now my Husband) was supportive of what I wanted to do.

I am now 26 and pregnant with my first.

Have you found a supportive midwife?, that can make a big difference.

Have you spoken to family or the father?

I also did a antenatal class which helped, and I suggest doing a lot of reading on pregnancy and birth so that you can be prepared, thats one thing I did not do then, I have done lots of reading on the subject now.

you can email me [email protected] if you want to chat about anything.


mum2 AJ 05, Mary-Jane 04, Rachael 99 & Jonothan 94

hi babe,

I am due to have my second bub on the 23rd July and I have a 4 year old boy born 13/11/99. If you would like to contact me that would be good. My email is [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Take care
Lis : )
hey everybody,
I am a young 15 weeks pregnant expecting mum and am due to give birth in july also, july 28. Both myself and my partner are very excited and can not wait for the big day.. although a lot of waiting still needs to be done smile

If you would like to chat my email is [email protected]

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi to all the mummy's due in July...

I too am expecting and due in July... approx. 30th July. This is my second pregnancy and I have a 14 month old daughter as well. So far I have had a pretty easy going pregnancy, but have been very tired having an active 14 monthold to chase after, my daughter has been walking since 11 months of age and has been running since 13 months of age. My first pregnancy felt like it dragged, but this time I am really too busy to think about it all that much. I am 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and really excited about this little bub on the way. I'd love to chat with anyone who is expecting... first timer's, second timer's... fifth timer's. I love to share pregnancy stories and advice when I can.

To all those mummy's due in July, take care and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Michelle smile
Hi again... I just wanted to add I am not a super young mummy, I am 29... but happy to chat with anyone of any age.

Michelle smile
Hi, I'm due on 23rd July as well. This is my first pregnancy and is a little scary although most wanted. At the moment i just feel fat and tired (sounds attractive doesn't it!) I can't wait to start showing properly and feel the bub inside. I guess I don't have too long to wait


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi Lisa,

If you or anyoneone else would like to contact me please email me on [email protected] for a friendly chat.

Take care everyone!

Lis : )
Hi leanne

My little boy is only bout 3 weeks older than your bub. I'm a fairly young mum too (early 20's), it'd be nice since we are around the same age and so are our babes to have someone to chat with (anyone else with babes around the same age included). I don't know many mums apart from my partners sister!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hey Brandons mum,
How are you?
If you want to email me my address is [email protected] i am also on msn.
Where abouts do you live?
I'd love to chat!
talk to you soon!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

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