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Anyone due in March? Lock Rss

Hi all.

MI have a hubby and a beautiful boy who is 18 months old.

I have another baby due in March on the 16th and was just wondering if there was anyone out there who was due around the same time or anytime in March/early April.

If you feel like a chat as you sit there wishing that March was only a week away just reply here, I'm in that impatient stage at the moment and as my hubbys is doing shift work i need something to take my mind off of being uncomfortable.

See ya
hi, I am due May 8th, although I am two mths behind I am also uncomfortable and very bored, I have not been able to work as I had a heamorrage earlier on and uncomfortable coz there is nothing I can do but knit cook and clean, I am 24 and expecting numba 1 we have justmoved to a new town and if you want email me we can chat
[email protected]

nearly there

hi girls i'm actually due 1st of april but have to have a c-section at 38 weeks, which puts it around 20th of march.
i have a 2yr old son, married and i'm 24
feel free to talk
[email protected]
[email protected]


Jasmin, SA, Kye 23/01/02 and Caleb 23/03/04

Hi Micaela,

My name is Thu and I am 34 weeks pregnant. I'm actually due on 13th March.

The doctor has given me several due dates, 3/3/04, 6/4, 8/3 and then the final agreed date is 13/03/04.

This is my second child but third pregnancy. My daughter is now 9yrs old and I feel like being pregnant for the first time as I forgot all about it. I'm quite scared as I don't know how I am going to cope the labour. How about u?

Good luck!
Hi All,
My name is Leonie and I am due on the 13th March with my fourth child. I have 3 beautiful boys and am told that the new arrival will be a girl, but I think I'll believe it when I see it. My boys are Justin 7yrs, Christopher 6yrs, and Mitchell who will be 3yrs four days before I'm due.
I too am starting to get impatient and really uncomfortable. I've even started hoping that I go early for a change. At one point last week I was contemplating an elective c-section but after remembering what it was like after an emergency one with my first and then two normal deliveries with my 2nd and 3rd I changed my mind. I think it was the heat getting to me.
Anyway I suppose I better go and start packing my bags wiith 6 weeks left I should be prepared.
Hi Thu,

Thanks for replying. My doctor kept giving me different dates too so i made sure i got the earliest one. lol.

It is really hard remembering all the things for little babies now, even though my son is only 18months old. I have gone out and bought all the baby stuff again but i'm sure there are things i have forgotten.

I'm not too worried about the labour, as long as everything goes relativley smoothly I think I'll be able to cope, but if it is a prolonged labour with lots of pain, i don't know. My fiurst labour was induced when i was two weeks over and it started at 11.00pm and finished at 4.00am. My waters broke at about 3.00am and I had been fine up until that point, so I guess I got off pretty lucky. I'm trying not to think about it too much as my baby hasn't turned yet and I don't want to start worrying about a breech baby.

Do you know what you are having? Have you picked out any names?

We hope that this one is a girl so that we have one of each.

Hope to hear from you.
Hi Leonie,

How are you. I hope the doctors were right and it is a girl! that's what we are hoping for this time, although I didn't find out at the ultrasound.

I was starting to hope that I went early too, or at least on time. I went two weeks over last time and i was really cranky by the end of it. I didn't even care about the labour part, i just wanted it out. lol.

I've got 6 1/2 weeks left now and its like your mind goes into birth mode. I've got all my bags packed and ready, I've bought all the baby stuff and then ursery is set to go. So i'm just left with the heat and tiredness now. At least in winter you had the energy to get up and move around and go and do things.

Its funny though, I haven't gained any weight in the last ofur weeks, and only gained a total of 8kgs for the whole pregnancy so far, but with my first i put on about 15 - 17kgs and my last one i was walking everyday, now i'm just sitting on my bum.

Well i better go, lovely to hear from you
Hi I'm Kristy, Im 31, have a 13 year old boy and am due April 14th. I am also counting down the days- it's a nightmare. I'm a nurse at a medical centre and work 5-6 days a week but I'm still very impatient! I don't remember being this impatient last time. At the moment I swing between being apprehensive about the birth and whether my baby will be healthy and just wanting to GET IT OVER WITH! At 29 weeks the wait is becoming excrutiating. I'm looking forward to 31 weeks as then my countdown will be down to single figures, 9, 8 , 7... Pathetic isn't it! Being at the medical centre I am measuring, weighing and assessing newborns every day while I prepare them for vaccinations, I am sure that makes it worse although I adore the little creatures. I also agree with MARCHBABE, with so long between births, it's like number 1 all over again. Anyone else with large gaps between bubs? How were your 2nd labours? All the best to all mums!!!! Feel free to email too, [email protected]

13 yr old boy and due 14 April 04

G'day. My name is Nadine. I am 24, married to Steve, have a two year old daughter and due on the 6/04/04 with a boy. we live in Toowoomba. Anyone want to chat feel free... 10 weeks to go!!! They can't go fast enough
[email protected]
Hey Nadine, you only have a week till you are down to single figures!!! Does your 2 year old keep you busy? It's been so long between drinks for me I can't remember! congrats on getting one of each, boy and girl! Thats what I am hoping for too! Boys are great, you will love him, but they're reeeeaaalll messy! Start training him early!!! Is it real hot in Toowoomba? I have found i have been really overheated in general this pregnancy, how about you? Anyway gotta go offline for awhile to make a call but I will check in again later. Take care and all the best! grin

13 yr old boy and due 14 April 04

Hello Micaela,

How are you feeling? Well, I've got another 5 weeks to go and I am quite worry actually because I don't know how I am going to cope, even though my first pregancy went quite well as well as the labour. It took me only 7hrs to have the first baby. Phew! not too bad huh?

I have not decided that I'm going to breast feed or bottle feed my second baby as the first one I breast fed her only for a month or two as I recalled and I did not make enough milk for her at all. By the time Jennifer (my first child) was hungry, my breasts were still flat. My husband told me to bottle feed this time. How about you? Which one r u gonna choose? At this stage my boobs are still small so I don't think I'm going to have more milk than the last 9yrs.

In term of baby girl or boy, I don't know what I have even though I have a few ultra-sound but they could not see at all, some said it's a boy and some said it's a girl and some said "I could not see as the baby's legs curled up!", so I think it's gonna be a surprise for the both of us. I husband is not too fussy to have a boy (you know our culture - men always want a boy/s but not my hubby - he does not mind) well as long as my baby is healthy and no illness or other complications then I'm happy!

Did u ask the sonographer when you had the US to see it's a girl or a boy? But sometimes it's never accurate. The first pregnancy, my doctor told me that I could have a breech baby as my uterus has a heart shape and it could by not enough room for the baby to turn but it turned out OK! My baby has turned and it kicks a lot and stronger each day and sometimes it hurts. I think it knows it's gonna come out soon.


Hi Thu,

I'm feeling ok. I'm getting a bit worried myself, but I just keep thinking that i might have two more weeks if the baby goes over again, so its not too bad. I'm still sorting out things like bottles and nappies, trying to stock up so i don't have to buy any for awhile after the baby is born. I'm pretty much right though, i bought a monitor yesterday and some bottles, a medicine dummy and some nappies. i guess its hard not to think about the labour and stuff, i've been starting to dread all that pain again. my brothers girlfriend just had a baby 2 months ago and she was in labour for 72 hours. the hospial wouldn't admit her and she went through it all at home except the last 5 hours. as soon as i'm in labour i'll be at the hospital door demanding a bed. lol

i had a doc appointment on tuesday and the baby has gone head down, but no descent as yet. It sure doesn't feel that way nearly every time i move i can feel the baby right down there. since that doctors appointment the baby has been really kicking and rolling from side to side. its starting to hurt a bit and kept me up the other night i didn't have any of that with my first.

i breastfed my first for a week and then had to change to bottles as i was not producing enough milk and both of us were wiped out. i'm going to try and breastfeed for at least a week with this one too, but i might swap to bottles after a week anyway after all the colostrum is through. i find bottles so much easier.

We didn't want to find out whether we were having a girl or not, but i tried to see for myslef anyway;-)
We don't mind if we have a boy, but i think hubby really wants a girl this time.

its exciting to think that in a few short weeks there will be a little baby around.

Take care
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