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anyone else due around feb Lock Rss

would love to chat with other expectant mums around the same stage

Brenda,Melb, B7,G6, EDD:15/02/2004

hey brenda
i was spose to have my little girl on feb 15 but the doc decided to bring her on 11 of nov...
what date are u due and do u know what sex ur bubs is?

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi. My baby is due on 3rd of Feb. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant (tomorrow will be 36w) and am getting very nervous! Sonographer was quite confident that I am carrying a little girl in my tummy but our midwife told us not to believe completely and not to get everything in pink, so we got most of the stuff in whites. My husband is still having some hope of a boy to come. lol

As my tummy is getting bigger and bigger, I am suffering from constant heartburn, and I even sometimes end up vomiting. I just can't wait till this thing is over and be normal again.

If you want to contact me, my email is: [email protected]

Good luck with your pregnancy!!

Naho, VIC, baby's due on 3rd Feb 2004

Hi Brenda. My due date was set for 3rd of feb 04, But discovring my bub was breech at 33 weeeks and still now at 36 weeks in the same possie we are booking c-section for 26th of jan. I am 162cm tall and have put on 22 kilos so far.It's all belly though. My hubby was 10 and a half pound when born but they are guessing mine will be about 8 pound. At my 18wk scan they said baby girl 85-90% at a scan i had a 33wks they saiad baby girl 99%. This is good news as my Hubby is one of 7 boys. This will be the first girl so we are excited!! If you have any questions or would like t chat you can contact me on my e-mail [email protected]

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

I am smile

Little boy due on Feb 19th 2004.

If anyone wants to email or keep in touch to pass the time and compare notes email me on [email protected]

Hi All,
I am new here
I'm due to have my 2nd baby... another l'il girl on the 5th Feb '04.

?Anni? QLD, Mummy 2 Courtney & Madisyn040.05)

My EDD is 14 Feb going by ultrasound. I actually measure larger than I should and my doctor says I could go any day now. God, I wish it would come today!!!!! We have been told we are having a boy, which is great coz my first born is a girl, Tara Bre. She is almost 6 yrs old now so we feel like we are starting all over again. Our boy will be called Bailey Jai. If somehow the baby comes out a girl she will be Amber Jasmine. Have you thought of names? Do you know what you are having?

Penne, Qld, 6 yr old girl,Tara, pregnant EDD 14-02


Heartburn means LOTS of hair. I had no heartburn with my son and he had a little bit of hair but with my daughter I felt like u do and when she was born u could put the hair on the top of her head in a ponytail.

Good Luck

Hi Brenda,

Im currently 36 weeks pregnant and estimate Due Date around 7th February as advised by my Doctor. This is my first child and my fiancee and I are looking forward to her arrival. In the past 3 weeks my blood pressure has been borderline and have been closely monitored by the Gold Coast Hospital. The most irritating symptom during this last stage of pregnancy is the swelling of my feet. The only advice provided by friends and family is to elevate my feet and lots of rest. Somethimes, I feel that Im one of the Hobbits from "The Lord of Rings", Im so lucky that I have such a supportive and helpful fiancee to tell me how much he loves me when Im feeling a bit down. I wish you all the best of your arrival and hope to chat with you soon.


Rose, Qld, First time Mum

hi penne
my name is donna and my EDD was the 7th march but they say that my baby is about 8 pounds already but i have only put on 11 kilos so it must be all baby.
Now i am telling people it will be here by the end of feb (heres hoping).Dont know what it is but it is growing very hubby and i tink it is a girl but we did not find im acatually 34 weeks on sunday .getting bigger and tired. please email me if you wouljd like to keep in contact over the next few weeks.We have picked names but no one knows untill the day he or she is born
love donna

donna nsw expecting mum

Hi Donna,

How's everything going? Good I hope. I am hoping my baby comes sooner than they say too! I am trying to enjoy the last few days/weeks but it is getting harder as I get more and more uncomfortable. Is this your first baby? I am supposed to be 37 weeks now. God I hope I pop soon!!!! My 6 yr old starts grade 1 on Tuesday so I kinda hope the baby waits til that night so I can be there. We'll see I guess. Anyway if you give me your email addy I would love to keep in contact.
Luv Penne

Penne, Qld, 6 yr old girl,Tara, pregnant EDD 14-02

Hi Rose

I'm Donna, just saying hello and that i am also due on Feb 7, just under a week now.

I'm known as ZacsMum, so if you wanna chat just look for me.


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