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Hi there,

I'm Having my first child in February and i'm only 19, wether you have had your 1st or not it would be great to talk to a young mum or mum to be like myself, As the only friend i have my age who is a mum herself well..... we wont judge or go there.

Hope to here from someone soon.
Be great to have some friends.

love my baby gurl...........

Congratulations! I too had my first child at 19 and let me tell you its a fantastic age to be having children. Although that may not become apparent until they are older lol. Mine is now 14 and we get on great. I am still young enough to understand all the lingo tongue and she steals all my clothes. I am now pregnant again b/c first of all I guess I am more mature and that she is busy with her own life and Im lonley grin Don't let anyone tell you to do anything that doesn't feel right and tell people to stop giving you advice when you really feel you have had enough b/c let me tell you it gets down right tiring with all the advice flowing from people that "know" what they are talking about. Instinct is a big thing and guess what!? We even have it when we are 19! Oh and my sister in law is just 20 and she is having her 2nd child on the 29 of December!?!?!? Can I add that the average age for optimum child bearing in the old days was well before 20! take care! Deb.

Deb, QLD, due 28/4

I know how you feel. I am also a first time Mum at 19. Due on Australia Day. I went through alot of emotions when I found out I was pregnant. Mostly I was angry at myself. Now however, my partner and I are eargerly anticipating our son's arrival. My mother became a Mum at my age as well and she has done a great job with her kids. It was never easy for us growing up since Mum never really got much of an education but we always managed and we were always surrounded by lots of love. THat is what I think is most important anyway.
hi well my names nat and i had my first when i had just turned 19 and it is a great age to start a family well i think anyway i am now due to give birth to my second in december and i will of only just turned 21 but am looking forward to having 2 so close in age anyway if you wanna chat at anytime my e-mail is [email protected] i also have msn anyway takecare and enjoy seeya nat
Hi My Name is Alicia i am 19 YRS old ,and i am expecting my first on the 2 April. I am 16 weeks and 6 days at the moment and i am having an ultra-sound on the 15 november to find out what the sex it is and i cant wait. If you wish to write back your more then welcome to, It would be great to hear from some other young mums and give me something else to do while im sitting at home doing nothing else.
( I cant wait till that day arrives ) smile

Wagga Wagga NSW

Alicia , Wagga NSW, due feb 09

hey my name is charmaine and i am nearly 19 and expecting my first on 28/11/2004.
i dont think there is anything wrong at all with having a baby young this age is fine.
i am with my partner who is really anxious to c his baby boy he talks to my belly and everything.
i live in an issolated town so there aren't many people that i talk to too. and it would be nice to make some more friends that are in the same boat as me if you want to chat at all you can email me
it is [email protected]

well good luck and hope to hear from you soon.
hey everyone its me alicia i went for an ultrasound the other day and saw our little bundle of joy it is a Girl due on the 21 march and is nice and healthy we are going to name her Jorga Rose she has been giving me a nice present at night time she likes to play while it is sleep time for mummy. But its so nice to have the feeling it gives you and if you have a bad day it makes you feel so good. I am going threw a really emotional trip at the moment if anyone has any advise please email me i am driving my partner insane. okay good luck to the rest of you and have fun its the best if anyone would like to e-mail me my email is [email protected]com

Alicia , Wagga NSW, due feb 09

hey alicia

you know we were going to name our bundle of joy jaydah well i've change my mind again what do you think of Whitney Murphy anyway do you have msn

love my baby gurl...........

hi my name is sal i have never been here b4 i have a 2 year old Taylor May and am due in april the 15th. im 20. I don't have too many young mums around me and its hard to talk to older ladies sometimes they think cause your not married your a bad mum. So can i please join your group hope to chat soon bye for now sal

im also 19 im due on the 5th of march. feel free to chat to me any time.
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Sarah, Kai 14 months #2 due 17th december.

hi all..
im going to introduce myslef again for all those new mummy's to be...
i'm 19 and have a 13 months old bub, and due for number 2 in january... my one due is going to be a boy, and has been head down since 28 weeks.
i had my first bub by c-section because she was breech.

add me to msn or email me.
[email protected]

love to talk soon..

Hello to everyone, (Sal, Raynie days & Jennie)

How are we all, I too am a young mum i'm having my first in feb. It's 9 outta 10 chances going to be a girl, i'm thinking of calling her either Jaydah Or Whitney. Anyway i starated thia forum topic for girls like our selves young mums looking to chat, i know how hard it can be to talk to the older mums they do tend to gudge even when they don't mean too, in my case i have no friends with kids so i'm looking for people to share experiences with and assk questions, just silly ones that i don't know being a first time mum like how many blankets do you put in a cot, and i'm after just general chit chat.
Any way i check my email more iften so feel free to email me anyone [email protected]
I Also have msn so we can chat on there if you like.

Hope to hear from use soon.

love my baby gurl...........

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