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Due in March 2020 Rss

Anyone else just find out they are due in March 2020??
Yes! =)
Me. Just found out yesterday
Just got a BFP and in a little bit of shock as I thought we were one and done.. but looks like we might have another one on the way. Going to take a while to sink in.
Yay congrats ladies. What's everyone's edd? Mine is 3rd of March, having a dating scan on the 26th to confirm that. Anyone else having a scan? I'm so excited, not sure if it's properly sunk in yet that we're gonna be having another baby hah!
Congrats all. I think my edd will be 11th March. I've had IVF so knew I was pregnant before period was due. Def a dating scan on the cards but not sure when yet smile
Possibly around 6th but big surprise so not entirely sure. Would love a dating scan .. not sure yet if we'll go with OB again or midwife so will figure it out once we book first appointment with them.
Due on the 13th (by my phone app). Having a dating scan in 2 weeks time to check.
I just did a preg test yesterday and will go tomorrow to see... will I get to have an ultrasound tomorrow or just a blood test I can't remember
Yay another March Mummy
Depends where you're going .. some OBs have ultrasounds on site .. otherwise ask for a dating scan referral if you're keen to see bubs before 12 week scan.

I've just booked dating scan for 29/7 so hopefully I'll get to see heartbeat by then if my dates are right I'll be around 7-8 weeks.

How's everyone feeling? Hope all is well.
Got a positive pregnancy test on Thursday so seeing doctor tomorrow for blood test . Massive surprise ! This will be our first smile
Had a scan and it pushed my date back to 2 march . smile
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