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Any September 2015 mummas? I know it's early! Lock Rss

Currently pregnant for the first time, super excited! We are 4w+4d today and have an appointment with an obstetrician in 2 weeks for a dating scan. Any other mummas out there due early September?
I'm due on 1 September with number 2. I think that makes me about 5+2 today.
Me! Due September 11 with #2
Just found out am due around 5th with our second smile my little one just turned a year old. Anyone keen to start a due date Facebook group (secret one)?
Hi, I got a BFP just before chrissy, due 4th sept (at this stage anyway) this will be our 3rd. I have 2 boys 5 and 2 (nearly).
Iv been waiting for someone to start this, I'm not getting my hopes up due around 5th September with baby 4

Hi! I am due around 1st September with number 4. Date may change as I'm yet to have bloods or an ultrasound and they tend to put me back a bit, and then my babies are always late grin
Julia I have sent you a friends request to be added to the group, thanks smile
Hi Julia, I have just sent you a friend request and message to join the Facebook group. grin Congratulations to everyone x
Hi Julia. I'm sending you a friend request to join the group
I'm only 4 weeks but I could swear I'm showing a bit already. I haven't gained any weight, I checked and prior to conception I was flattish. Now I have a rounded belly and feel very bloated. I have an engagement party next weekend and everything I try on shows a bit. I popped at 10 weeks last time. Frustrating. Anyone else feeling bigger yet even though I know it's impossible
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