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Due September 2014 Lock Rss

Just got a test done and a faint line appeared! I am totally over the moon and if I calculate properly it will be due around 1st September. Very early days but can't wait to meet others due the same month. I have also started a Facebook group called "September 2014 Mummies" as I sometimes find it hard getting online through my phone.

Update - pregnancy was not sticky but now due in November.
Congratulations! I did a test on the 21st and had a faint line smile I'm due about the 5th of September.

Had confirmation from my doctor and getting bloods done every second day as ive had previous problems with pregnancies. And I only had surgery last month for removing Endometriosis!

Congratulations again! Is this your first?
My first post on the Huggins forums! Got our first faint positive on Christmas Day morning and two light positives today, a little darker than the previous day. I am also due 5th September according to one of the online due date calculators. Looking forward to having a blood test to confirm before we get too excited. Congratulations to you both smile
Hi everyone! I tested this morning and got a positive! So excited!
Due on the 1st I think! Yay!
Tried to find the Facebook group and it came back as no results.....
Hi Danni it's called "September 2014 Mummies"

Congratulations to everyone due in September xx

Does everyone else have kids already?
Just thought I would let you ladies know that I won't be posting in this group again as I've had/am having an early miscarriage. Confirmed by a blood test at the hospital this evening. Hopefully I will be able to post in a October group if we're lucky enough to fall pregnant again soon.
All the best to you all for the rest of your pregnancies.
I'm so sorry for your heartache nurser. Thinking of you and best of luck
I still have no luck with the group. Has anyone else found it?

Can someone add me as a friend then add me to the group?
Danni Bourne
Oh I'm sorry Nurser, hopefully see you floating around again very soon xx
Dannibourne81 it could be because it's only brand new page?
Hi ladies,

I'm really scared admitting this pregnancy as i lost our little one in Oct, after so much trouble conceiving that little angel. But i did a test on the 27th and it is positive grin got bloods done and the levels are rising so i hope we get to keep this baby. grin
I also tried to look for the group on facebook but got no results, is it private or secret??
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