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Sorry to hear your terrible news ems77. I know how hard it is to go through a loss like that. I admit that when it happened to me I was shattered and I never felt like I would feel myself again. Give yourself time to heal and then talk with DH. He is probably hurting as much as you and needs time himself.
So sorry to hear of your loss ems77 GBH to you xox...

I have decided to take a break from fb for a while so will be posting in here a little more instead just till I feel up to going back on fb...

I have been so tired and emotional since the weekend and been feeling pretty sock but today has been one of my better days... Haven't got to the point im spewing and touch wood it stays that way...

Anyhow better get some sleep, hope you are all well xox

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I wish people would post on here more, i love it.. More so for the ticker i get to see every time i post and i am always on fb so going to another site and reading all the stories on here from woman in all stages of there pregnancies is interesting to read to me.

As for me only 7 more days till my ultrasound Eeeeek smile Very happy, i cant wait to tell everyone!! I have no self control to wait ill 12wks and never have with either one of my children. But mind you i have never had a reason to worry as well.

The temp here was a top of 37 degrees here and i have been dying, i havnt really been eating as its just too hot and i have been drinking heaps of water but i dont think its doing much.. What makes it worse is i have another blood test tomorrow to check my Ultric Acid (Basically how much water i have drank).. I dont think it will change as its been really hot.

I cant believe i am nearly 6wks already, golly wogs it going CRAZY quick already!! But mind you i cant wait casue of my ultrasound..

Hey ladies i am having troubles getting onto fb this morning.. I think my morning sickness is going to be coming soon, i feel sickly like i wanna puke but havnt yet.. I had the same thing with DS it didnt kick in till 7wks and only stayed for 2 weeks. I am convinced this kiddo will be a boy and devoed!! Cant wait to find out for sure though as i am REALLY hoping for a girl..

My partner is warming up to the name Raiden James aka RJ if it is boy and as for girls names i have done a list back and front of a peice of paper and he doesnt like any.. He has been picking common boring names, which i dont mind as long as the spelling can be changed. Like Hollee not Holly.. I like some thing different, not every day names!

I have felt exactly the same... Sickly but not sick, hope it doesn't stick around long. I was 9wks yesterday...
Im having a rough day emotionally today... My nana keeps taking lil digs bout me being pregnant, was goin to break the news to my parents today but have been put off... Iv told my partner im just goin to keep the pregnancy to myself now and let people figure it out on their own

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I've been having trouble wif FB too, but only on da laptop, I can on da iPod but its more annoying, I can't see my ticker on da iPod either sad n I'm also havin trouble wif e-mails.
I still feel exhausted all da time, reflux is painful n always happens wen I go to bed, I still can't eat anything that has touched oil or anything dairy, I feel so hot all da time n feel crap so I'm pretty convinced its a pain in da bum girl wink we hav decided if we r right n it's a girl then it's goin to b called kara jade, I hav a midwife appointment next Thursday n my 12 week ultrasound in 3 weeks can't wait.
Well that's all for now so I will catch up to u all later

Keeki, your not the only lady in this group that has had there due dates knocked back a bit.. I think most of the women here have had the same troubles.
I am a bit worried about getting mine if everyone else is having theres knocked right back but i am pretty sure i know when i O'ed.. I HOPE x

Manda so good to hear from you, i was getting worried that i havnt heard form you in a while.. Was going to hit you up today but fb has only just let me on other then my phone.

Gahhh i have to go!! My son is pulling every thing out of my utensil draw in the kitchen the little rat bag!!!

Lol Jaimee little terrors aren't they.
I hav been around just readin most of the time rather then posting. I hav been busy finalising my uni before next week hav to do 3 assignments before Wednesday. But as soon as I finish them ill b bak to my chatty self. How's Townsville goin. We r finally dryin out after almost 600ml of rain in 1 week n now it's too hot.

dealing with the heat.. Its been a hot week of 36 degrees and 37. SOOOO hot!! We had 400ml of rain over 2 days when that cyclone traveled past us but we must have better drains then every where else cause we had no problems.

I have been cleaning heaps as i have a house inspection but i really dont wanna clean cause its sooo hot!!

My sickness mostly plegues me in the morning.. more feeling sickly then anything, i have to wait for my belly to settle after breakfast before i start to feel better. I am waiting for mid 7wk when i think it will hit me like it did with Kanyan. I didnt even slightly get sick with DD.

5 days till my scan smile Cant wait.. cause it means i can tell people!!

6 weeks pregnant today.. My gosh its going quick.. Time was going slow but as soon as i got pregnant it just jumped into gear sad I wanted time to go slow so it feels like my pregnancy lasts forever!!!

LOL Manda your Lilypie is wrong for Ameila.. Looks like shes counting down to her 3rd bday!!! My gosh sounds like someone had a good growth spurt tongue

hello ladies I have been reading but not posting much , Im not sure if I posted saying my due date after scan but it was spot on to what I thought I was !
my morning sickness comes n goes yesterday was a really good day felt pretty good all day. hoping today be the same! mostly it's just nausea but after travelling in the car on Sunday for 5 hours it wasn't so good took me most of Monday to stop being sick.. so no more trips planned just yet!
I am now 9 weeks! gasp time flies I'm trying to catch up with one of my good close friends to tell her the news then I can officially put on fb! (she has tonsillitis poor thing)

Hi everyone ive too been reading but not posting so i thought i better update you all... Im 9 weeks and still feeling like crap. I have nausea in waves all day and night but im just so tired! I am exhausted all day everyday! I am working as a bank teller and i seriously want to full asleep at my counter! Not to mention a little moody with customers... Ooppss... But i have a doc app tues then we r just waiting for our 12 wk scan then we can finally tell ppl. But this MS really suck!!! For the ppl that dont get it i envy you. Its ruining my life.
So i think i have had my whinge now sorry to u all!! I love hearing how others ar e!!! Keep posting!!!
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