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Pregnancy symptoms before period is due??? Lock Rss

Hello All,
I know this is a rather silly topic but it has me thinking.Ive got 2 kids but you really forget even in 3 years what it was like when you first were pregnant.A lot of woman have said "I knew even before my period was due".Well that is how I feel now, Ive had a headache & nausea for a few days as well as strange pains like a period pain(not due for a week though)Did anyone just "know" thankyou in advance Bindy
Hi Bindy,

I have 6 kids and am pregnant with my 7th due in April. When I fell pregnant with my 5th child, I knew a week before my period was due. In fact I was so sure I went and bought a pregnancy test which came up positive and went to see my doctor on the actual day my period was due. I had really bad nausea but I think the thing that gave me the biggest hint was that my breasts were so painful and tender. That was the only time that I just simply knew. And I wasn't even trying to fall pregnant. I had been on the pill but had a case of a stomach bug during the month and didn't even think about the fact that it would cause the pill to be ineffective.

Anyway, I hope you get the outcome you want. If you're hoping of a positive, good luck. You could always try a home test. Keep us updated.
Hello Barbara,
I cannot imagine 6 kids but my husband can.I do hope im pregnant as I would like to make this my last.We together have 4 already.My husband & I have a 2y/o & 3y/o as well his 2 kids from a previous marriage that stay alternate weekends with us.I find I have a better routine when all four are here thats why im i know i can cope with number 5.Good luck with your baby Bindy
Hi Bindy,

just wondering how you are going. Do you have any good news to share?

Hello Barb,
Well actually there is no good news as I got my periods 5 days early.So I am a bit upset at the moment.Thanks for asking though.Better luck next time maybe..
Hi Bindy,

Sorry to hear that. Good luck for next time. I'll be looking out for a good news post in the future.
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