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DUE OCTOBER 2010! Lock Rss

mmm-family i am so sorry to here that. the good news is you still have the pregnancy symptoms so that must mean your hormones are still raging. My best friend bled with both her pregnancys and everything turned out fine. So try to stay positive. Thinking of you.
Thanks Jori that make me feel a little better. I hope you little one has a lovely first day at school and that the day is not to stressful for you.
Hi everyone
How are you going mmm-family? Where is everybody lately? I've been feeling abit scared about the whole 3rd baby thing. Keeep asking myself can we manage and all these other silly questions like how am i going to be ready in the mornings to get to school. Just silly questions really. Anyone else? Anyhow i have just realised my baby is due on the 10/10/2010. not that they ever come on your due date. Anyhow i will catch up with all you ladies later!!!
Hi Jori

Well still bleeding this morning a little heavier again. I am thinking i have m/c but will not loose all hope till i do my test next week. trying to stay positive going to my mothers group today with my 15 month DD so that will be a great distraction.

Wow 3 i struggle with 1 sometimes. My sister has 3 and she said the 3rd one did not make that big of an impact on her life as 2 was already busy but i know what you mean by questions and freaking out a bit. Hope you have a great week and i will come back next week and let you all know.
Hi ladies, Sorry to crash your thread but this was me 2 years ago and just wanted to say a big congrats to you all smile
I am due to have number 3 in a couple of weeks smile

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Hi all! Haven't been on here since before my son was born in May 08. Anyways, I've just done a ClearBlue pregnancy test and it came up an instant POSITIVE! I think i'm excited but still in a little bit of shock I think. I must only be about 4 weeks or so seeing how my last period was the first week of January. Think that makes me due October, so I'll now be a regular in this thread!
Big Congratulations to everyone!!!
Hi Ladies
Feeling good today. the cramping has eased a little.

How are you going mmm-family? i have been thinkning of you.

Welcome to Dustins Mummy. You sound like you are due around the same time as me.

Good luck to mummy2jayden&hunter. Hope everything goes fine.

Got my blood test results today and all is confirmed. My Ob wants to see me in the next few weeks because of my age. Now if that doesn't make you feel good nothing will. Anyway catch up soon:)
hey ladies,

ok so due date is the 7th not the 6th...which means about a week later lol although this time i really hope its only a few days as a week later is the 1 year anniversary of my pop passing sad

neway neasua has kicked in! so over it but same as DD2 it happened straight away...

went to the drs a few days ago and he made me book the hospital already which i didnt realise we had to do so early lol i didnt book a gyno this time i booked with the midwife program at the hospital...has anyone done this before? i think it mite be good as with my other 2 girls i payed a gyno the whole way through n he missed the biths n the same midwife delivered! i mean its not his fault BUT i felt really comfortable with them newya.

Hope you are all well

Hi Ladies

thanks for the thoughts Jori. Well the bleeding has now stopped and i still feel pregnant and have had wicked night sickness as with my first and very very sore boobs so i hope i still have a positive on Monday when i retest. Worked out if i am still pregnant and have not m/c i will be due on the same day as you Jori the 10/10/10 what an unreal date that would be.

Stepha i used the midwifes clinic with my DD which was my first and i found they wonderful. I also had my OB but choose not to see him all the time only a couple of times during the pregnancy. The midwifes at my hospital were all great and had such a broad range of experience and were very helpful with all the small questions i had they even picked up that i had strep-B when the doctors swab did not.

Well hope you are all well too!
thats great news that the bleeding has stopped! fingers crossed for you on monday.

thats weird about the strep B swab because my ob did it when i had my 28 week diabetes test, I had it with my first.

I have my first appointment with the midwifes on the 17th at least i know i wont wait for them for 2 hours like the ob haha.

Hi everyone!!
Im due on 8/10/10. Having #3, have a 5 year old daughter & 2 1/2 year old son.
So excited only took 1mth to fall - this will be out last.
Congratulations to you all & look forward to chatting throughout the year!
[Edited on 06/02/2010]

Hi Girls

mmm-family that is great news. have been wondering how you are going. Good luck on Monday!

Hi Stepha hope everything is going fine for you and not to much sickness.

lis82 Congratulations on #3. There are a few of us on here that are having our 3rd babies. me included and yes this is my last. i have to have a c-section so i will be asking to get my tubes tyed at the same time.

Anyhow i just want this next 12 weeks to hurry up. i want to be able to tell the world. And to be on the safe side.Chat soon
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