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Mums due in Nov Lock Rss

These are all the mums we have in our due in November group so far.

2nd Pugzley.jr , Kasey22,
3rd Amanda G 81, ABrookePestell
4th Jo1978, Lana, Scubababe, Toni20
5th Amy Mcfarlane, MrsWestyofOz
7th Leisa & Alex
8th Kroons, PML
11th tmestar, Saree
12th Gladstone4680
13th Hopefull, Bub#1
16th JessBubbelz
17th ShayMelTay
18th April kiwi
19th Kels Mum, Mart
20th Mirage
23rd Proud mum of 2, Kels2u, Kristi
24th YummyMummy04
25th Honey84
27th gnomes, Harley
29th Jazuli, Mum2Jack, Me & Nat

Nicolep, Kirstie, Tracie, and Young Mum 18. Im not sure of your due dates.

If i have missed anyone or got your due date wrong im sorry, i think i have got everyone but u never know. If i have forgotten anyone just leave a post with your details on it so we know.
Name: Julie

Location: Biloela, Qld

Family: Married, 2 Daughters, Zahli 8, Lilliana 3, EDD 29 Nov

Msn Address: [email protected]
Awesome job Jazuli. There are heaps on here!

EDD 13/11/06

Hi Jazuli, im new on here and due 11th nov.
my msn addy is [email protected] (i made it up at school when i was 15 gotta change it tongue) my email is [email protected] feel free to add me guys as i would love to talk to other mums and mums to be.

Hi There,

I am new to this website as of tonight! I am pregnant with my first baby which is due on the 30th November.

I am married and my husband has to children from his last marriage but this is our first together.

My name is Anita and I live in Sydney.

Hope to get to know a few of you as time goes on.


Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

Hi There,

Very good news i'm now due on the 1st November instead of the 7th get to meet my bub sooner!!!!,
and congrats to all the other mums due in November to!
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