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hey everyone who knows what size the average baby is supose to be at 19 weeks pregenant?????? please get back asap

alysse, QLD, 19 weeks, due 9th september06

Hi Alysse

Huggies has a section called "becoming a parent" if you go there they have a week by week guide to tell you what to expect & how big your baby should be as well as what is happening on the inside of you. I found it really useful. Good luck with bub Im due on the 3rd Sept smile
HI Alysse,

Why don't you go to libabry and borrow some books(This isnt meant to sound bitchy if it does I am sorry)
I have got 2 good ones "what to expect when your expecting" and "Up the Duff".
They are very helpful!


Emma, WA (Madyson Paige Elizabeth Born 9/6/06)

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