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i'm so over this Lock Rss

Hello how are we all. well my name is Dianne and my baby is due on the 13th of april 2006 so i'm now 3days overdue and i used the dates from conception so by now i feel like this big whale who finds it hard to roll over get up or walk but do occasionally have my moments where i have so much energy i bounce around like i'm not even pregnant. One thing for sure is that i'm sicck of people i don't even know rubbing my belly and asking when i'm due, i can't stand it. also anyone got any good tips for bringing on this baby of mine, also had a scan a few days ago and shes about 8 and a 1/2 pounds. i'm very excited about been a mum and so is my husband. anyway would love to hear back from anyone.
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HI DIANNE I know how you feel I went through the same with my son, there isn't much that will for surew bring on labour i tried raspberry leaf tea a peppermint bath I did lots of walking and the one most of us know which is sex. all these things never worked for me buit you never know it may work for you. baby will come when baby wants to.

hold in there just think it will be very soon that you will have your baby in your arms. which hospital are you having baby in? good luck and I hope all goes well

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