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Any young Mums-2-B in Bathurst? Lock Rss

Hey every1,

My name is Kobie, i'm 21 and i'm 26wks pregnant with my first bub who is due to arrive on 16th July. I am over the moon with excitment and so is bubs dad. We have been 2gether for a year now and can't wait till bub finally gets here! it seems like it's taking 4eva!

We moved to Bathurst in Aug last year. We don't really know any1 here so it's kinda lonely... I'd love to chat to any1, especially any1 who lives in Bathurst.

Since i fell pregnant, all of my "so called" friends from where i used to live have slowly stopped calling. None of them have kids so i guess i seem boring 2 them now. I don't think i'm boring, i just have different things to talk about instead of how drunk i got on the weekend!

Anywayz i hope to hear from any1 who wants to chat! I'm never far away from my computer!

Luv Kobz

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

hi kobie

im 21, i have a 3 yr old daughter and almost 16 weeks pregnant

1stly.. y bathurst? where did you move from?

i dont really know what to write...

do u have msn?


DD may 03, DS oct 06

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