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Hi, going to be a mum for the first time and am finding myself with either too much or too little information from the docs. Totally confused, excited & terrified all at the same time.

How much weight are you supposed to have gained by the 13th week? The books i've read say anything from 2-6kgs what have most people found?

Also, our 13th wk scan said that our baby is actually the length of a 14 wk baby, has anyone else been told this? Does it mean it's going to be huge?

gmh bairnsdale


Firstly congratulations on your impending motherhood!!!

I broke all the rules as far as weight gain goes. I am tallish around 60-64kg pre pregnancy and gained 27kg with my first and 22kg with my second. By the second trimester I had already gained about 8kg with each but I think it had something to do with the fact that the only way I could stop feeling sick was to eat. With this pregnancy so far I have gained about 4.5 kilos and am nearly 12 weeks.

With my first a couple of days after the birth I had lost 10kg. I was told my weight gain was mainly fluid as I was very swollen through the last trimester. Both my bubs were nearly 3.7kg.

Both my babies were measuring about 1 week ahead for my dates and they ended up slightly above average in size. It doesn't necessarily mean you will have a huge baby.

Good Luck

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