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due september 27th 2006 any1 else???? Lock Rss

hi i am new to this site, i am 20 years old and due to have my second baby on the 27th of september 2006. although ive been through the birthing process already i am really scared. i have a 12 month old daughter named isabella. when i was pregnant with her i had real bad morning sickness which i ended up in hospital for a few hours to get hydrated again because i couldn't keep even water down. i am really nervous that it'll happen again as i am experiencing bad morning sickness again. also i have no idea how i am going to cope with two children under 2. any way if any one would like to chat feel free to reply my name is Leah by the way. have a great day
Hi Leah,

My son is 9 years old and I am nervous so I hope that makes you feel better smile

My EDD is the 26th Sept, second baby.


Hi Leah,

I am 25 preg with #2 due 26th so only a day before you.

My little girl is 16 months old, so she will be nearly 2 when this one is born.

You poor thing getting morning sickness, I have been really lucky with morning sickness this pregnancy not much to complain of.

I know what you mean about being a little worried about handling 2, but the way I look at it is my mum basically had one 3 straight after the other and she coped fine. We are women we can do it lol.

How was your first birth?

Speak to you soon.
Hi Leah,

This is Kathy, due 26th Sept, I haven't been on here for a while, would like to catch up with everyone. Just over 4 weeks to go !!!

I have been getting small sharp pains down low recently. Do you get them?

Nervous smile

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