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morning sickness Lock Rss

Just wondering if any one can help with ideas on how to help with morning/all day sickness
I have a 16 month old and had is with her and chocolate seemed to help with her but NOTHING helps this time can anyone help I am so over it and still have 29 weeks to go (lucky me)

Have fun Deb and Jess

I'm in the same boat. I'm only about 7-8 weeks and have been very sick.
I took a whole week off work last week as I was so sick.
Am hardly able to eat anything.

Hope you feel better soon!
Luv Honey

hey jessi's mummy

i lost 10kg at the start of my pregnancy due to chronic morning sickness and was constantly in and out of hospital... as you would already know everyone has a theory on what helps with morning sickness. i found that the only thing that worked for me was a needle in the bottom ouch! and to sit in hospital over night with a drip to get some fluids back into my very drained and tired body.
if you hate the idea of going into hospital ask your doctor to prescribe some maxolin tablets these are only tiny tablets so they are fairly easy to keep down.
dont worry it gets better smile remember to rest lots and keep up your fluids even if they end up back down the toilet!
hey hows the morning sickness going today? i had it really bad too. i lived off toast for a few weeks, lots of tea. the first thing i did in the mornings was get up make some toast n have a nice big cup of tea. gingernut snap biscuits helped too. vegemite on sandwiches or toast works well because the vitamin b gets your energy up too. try to eat until youre just full enough. hope youre feeling better soon!


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