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Hi ladies,
It has been a while again since I posted on here.
Have been keeping up to date with reading everyones posts and congrats to those who are already holding their little bundles of joy smile

I had midwife appointment the other day and all is well bub is no longer breech thank goodness she turned back head down a couple of weeks ago smile And she is also 1/5 engaged yay almost fully engaged (my midwife does it backwards lol) hoping that means she will come early and not be stubborn like my boys were smile

I have been using epo everyday now for the last week I started it a week earlier this time so hopefully its more effective even though it did the trick last time one can dream lol.

Anyhow ladies must go I am going to have a rest while DS2 is having a nap.

Labour vibes to all xox
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Mel - Sorry to hear you have been feeling so terrible!!! Hope your mum can look after kids, so you can get in and get your blood pressure looked at. It is a bit high, isn't it! Best of luck and hope all settles down for you.

Mummy2Jayden&Hunter - My OB does the measurements backwards too. He said Engaged 2 - which meant nearly there! I have been taking 1 EPO capusle orally (per day) for the last two weeks. How much do you take??? (since it worked for you last time!!) I am trying to be avoid being induced this time!

mum2willie - I insert 1 EPO capsual internally per day and lay down for about an hour so it dissolves and I also wear a pad because it leaks a little when standing.

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mummytojayden&hunter - thanks...may try once I am 38 weeks if they are planning to induce me at 39 wks...will see what OB says on Monday.

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't been on for a bit, computer died and only last was able to reinstall everything....

My goodness I'm so excited for everyone that has received their bundle of joy already, it's great to hear that everyone is going ok.

Since last time I was on, I've been to a Lactation Nurse to start expressing my colustrum of milk. It was hard at first but now it's so very easy, must be getting close....

I'm now 38 weeks and have had yet another USS and baby is about 3.449g (big baby), only due to GD they think. But my mum does have a family history of big babies (8 pounders). Baby is perfectly healthy other words.

If the baby is not ready by 40 weeks, my doctor has offered to induce me 5 days later. So hopefully I won't need to be induced...

I've had very mild BH (never did have too much trouble with period pain), been on and off for the last few days, even when I'm walking the dog, just need to slow dog down.

Anyways hope everyone is doing well and I shall speak to you soon.

ps- how do you get the little picture of the date on the bottom up..
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Hi all. Long time since I last posted but i don't have ready access to the internet. Congrats to all the new mums and best wishes for speedy due dates for everyone else. Now to my news.....
I have a beautiful new boy, Noah James born on Feb 1 after 14hrs (I was induced). He weighed 7lb 2o, 52cm long, head circ 33cm. I feel my family is complete now...he is just divine and the best baby (he sleeps and eats and that's about it so far) I have had. All that makes up for the horrific labour (won't go into details as there are still many of you to go through it) I had with him - of my 3 his delivery was the worst by far!!!!!!
Anyway, so happy to have him here safe and so relieved to have him out and have my body back!!!
Cheers Leia

Mum to Eli, Darcy and Noah!

hi all,
wish i had news to share ladies but unfortunatlely no!!!
thanks alisha re pains in top of leg they are still here but a lot less noticable and only really hurt on occasion.
dh and i had day together yest to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary without the dd. she was at nans house for the day. we ate top layer of wedding cake with family and had glass of bubbles.....maybe baby might get confused and fall didnt!!!!
saw avatar 3d hoping baby might get scared it didnt!!!
had to clean up yoghuet off kitchen floor thanks to dd and since doing that been having lower belly pains....starting to get annoyed at all this practising!!!! hope all well sorry didnt reply to all dd is jus helping herself to sauce so better go before i have another cleaning adventure!!!
good luck all
chat soon liz

Liz - Your house sounds exactly like mine!!! Constantly bending over and picking, cleaning up after toddler's adventures!!!

Leia - Congrats on beautiful baby boy!!!

Nic - Can I just ask you a ? re the expressing colostrum - you can PM me if like - but exactly how did the lactation consultant say to express? (as I have GD too)...are you getting much? Also - they said they wouldn't let me go past my due date. At first they said my goal was to get to 39 weeks but saw Endo for last time last Monday and he said that I could go full term...will talk to my OB Monday...but both said they would not let me go over - I went to 41.5wks with son...interesting they are letting you go! I guess different doctors and hospitals have different policies. Some only let people go to 38 wks - so I was very happy when Endo said full term. Thanks for much for any tips re the expressing!!!

Oh - ticker at bottom is from You choose pregnancy ticker - go through three steps - choose forum address but only use from img to img, copy and paste into your signiture in your huggies profile.
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ha ha mum2willie yeah my house is toddler AND husband bomb site!!! have taking to kicking to one side cause i cant be arsed today i'm to hot!!!
also sorry it tmi but i jus had my show...... never did get that with dd but looked up and it sais labour could still be a week away so was nervous and excited at first now jus think ar another week!!!
did any other mums get this and how long before actual labor??
leia congrats on your little man!!! this thread is very much a mans domain so far!!wink
chat soon liz

Just an update.

Went to the hospital on Saturday, hooked me up for a couple of hours to cgt, bubs heartbeat was ok, having tightenings every 20 minutes that must have been BH cos couldn't even feel some of them - just mainly one big one! My blood pressure came back down to 110/75. No protein in urine, did my GBS and FBC whilst I was there. They gave me some panadeine forte, which made me feel a bit strange but at least headache was gone when I awoke yesterday.

Actually felt quite energetic yesterday, went to the shops to hunt down some cheap nappies - Coles had some reduced Huggies Newborn BTW. $15 for a 54 pack. Also the boxes were on special in Target for $33. Did tire me out a bit but by the time we got back home I had to do some housework as friends coming for dinner. So cleaning and tidying like mad for a couple of hours till I had to lie down for a half hour rest. But feeling much better that house is a bit cleaner - it had gotten so messy with all the kids toys, books etc.

So not much on the agenda for today, might just take it easy, potter around. Repack hospital bag (-:

Hi, how is everything going ladies?

Mum2Willie - With the Expressing, Week and a half a go - in the first appointment I was told to express 2 - 3 times a day, I actually thought that was quite alot! I started of with 2.5 mL and now I'm expressing about 7.5 - 10 ml a day, depending on how tight my boobs get. I had to ask my local GP for more plungers, the public hospital only gave me so many...

Did they tell you to massage around your arealos (brown/pink skin around your nipples) for about 20 seconds, this helps with the expressing. Put your thumb and pointer and middle fingers on the outside of the areolas, of about 6'oclock and 12'oclock, push towards your chest bone and then tenderly squeeze towards your nipple. It took me a few trys but have it sorted. Also I've been told that a warm facewasher helps to keep the milk ducts open when you go from one to the other. It worked for the first few days but I found that a cool facewasher helps too (especially in Summer). If they haven't, ask for a Lactation Nurse to show you how it's done, helps alot...

As for the Inducing, went to the OB today and was told the same thing that I was told by my local GP, they'll be giving me a date next Monday for the Inducing (if baby hasn't come by then, hopefully he does!) So if everything is going with the doctors, I'll probably be induced on the 25th of February. Fingers crossed that won't be needed.

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I haven't posted in such a long time but I sometimes stop in to see how everyone is doing. I just wanted to let you know that I had a baby girl 5 weeks 1 day early!!! She spent a couple of weeks in hospital but is now home and doing really well.

Congrats to all who have had their bubs and to those who are still waiting wishing you well for the delivery. I used gas and pethidine and it worked well.

An interseting bit of info - at my prenatal classes the midwife said that alot of women have diarreoh (sorry about the spelling) the day before labour and I did. So it might be something to look out for.

Also if you end up with stitches and are worried about the first time you need to pee I found pouring a cup of warm water down your front whilst going to the toilet helped heaps!It helped keep stitches clean too.

Well good luck everyone!!

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