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Congrats RKA and what a beautiful name - Lakaya Mahni!!!

You must have been just about to give birth naturally - 1 hour labour!!! Oh, I can only wish!

I am so happy for you - that all went well - that bubs is happy and you are settling in to home!

Congrats once again!

Wow RKA, congratulations! Gosh, an hour - I'm not sure if I'd prefer a longer, less intense labour, or a quick intense one like yours!
Well done regardless!!

Well, Happy Due Date To Me!!!!
ALthough, I don't think she's ever going to come! Certainly don't feel like she will be here in the next 24 hours or so. If she's not here by Monday, she's getting a written eviction notice.....I really would like to shave my legs now!!!!

DS - 08/01/06 girl due 20/02/10

Happy due date TraceyLee82

RKA - congratulations on the quick but safe arrival of Lakaya Mahni!

Traceylee82- I feel the same! An eviction notice, what a good way to put it! Here's hoping we don't have to wait much longer to meet our little bundles!

Hi ladies I just wanted to announce the safe arrival of our new daughter Amelia Rose, fast labour and I delivered her myself as the midwives had stepped out to help someone else and said buzz when your membranes rupture, well they ruptured and less than 2min later i was delivering my own baby!! I am seriously thinking about doing a midwifery course!!!

Joseph_Harrison_Alyssa and Amelia's mummy - Congratulations and well done on the catch! A beautiful name - Amelia Rose, we are looking at using Amelia as 2nd name!

Well ladies, not much longer for me! Heading to the hospital in a few minutes. Period pain started at app 7pm last night, on the due date, woke me up throughout the night as they got stronger, they are now 5 - 10 minutes apart and lasting up to 25 seconds. Mucus plug came out this morning. As trying for a VBA2C need to head in to be monitored, may send me back home to wait as I'm sure these contractions are going to get A LOT stronger so quite a while to go yet. Update you when I can!

Good luck Mel!!!! Fingers crossed for a quick labour for you!

Congrats Josheph, Harrison, Alyssa and Amelia's mummy and well done on your birth!!!!!

Mel - You must have had baby!!! Yeah!!

Had OB appt today and cervix hasn't even started to dilate!!! So I am booked for induction next Monday 1/3. Gel going on 5pm Sunday arvo, stay over night and induction to take place first thing Monday.

Induction was going to be Wednesday or Friday this week but as cervix not favourable - Dr wanted to wait. I am very happy with that!!! That means bubs will be 5 days over - an achievement since I have had Gestational Diabetes.

Who is left out there????

congrats to rka and amelias mum!!!! two more beautiful little ladies
mum2willie - good on you for taking your time and having a day to yourself!!!!!!
this arvo harri been a shocker constantly crying so caved and gace her a dummy for 10 mins peace. i no they say wait till a least 6mths but with charli i had her weaned at that stage, all she wants to do is hang off my boobs and charli in the other ear saying mumma mumma mumma!!! needed the peace.
have weird lumps above c section cut hoping it jus scar tissue due at health centre on wed morn so will check.
also have to go to pyshio next week as my precious "little" bundle seperated some abdo muscles. meant to be wearing tight thingy but it been to hot!!
any who off to change harri to jamas put dummy away and get the milk filled girls out!!!
good luck mummies in waiting!!!!!
chat soon liz

Well i am still here, had my AFI on Friday and everything was perfect my fluid level was 10 they said anything above 5 is good. So i was booked to go back today for another scan and ctg and guess what my fluid had gone UP to 10.5 who does that??? so they have no reason to induced me because everything is great!!!!

I asked to book an induction and the earliest they can do is Friday so that will make me 15 days over. Fingers crossed she comes by then. I was absolutely devastated that i have to wait till Friday. I got to the car and was hysterical (pregnancy hormones for you) Riley's birthday party was set for Saturday but i cant do that now as i will have a brand new baby, which means that there birthdays will be 3 days apart!!! DF will only have 1 week of holidays left out of the whole month which im so upset about because i will really need him to help out so i can rest and establish feeding but i will just have to make do!!

thats enough about me now!lol

Mum2Willie - i bet your glad to have an end date as well - my cervix seems to be the same as yours these babies just dont want to budge.

Congrats to all the mummies who have had babies hoping to join you very soon

Liz - Oh, you forget about the constant crying and having someone attached to you constantly!!! Hugs to you!!!

Alisha - At least you have an end date! Sorry to hear that DF's hols are nearly gone! My DH will have lost 1 of his 4 weeks now too. How are they planning on inducing you?

Hi Ladies, I would like to announce the arrival of my little girl Britney Dawn Born Friday 19 feb (1 day before due date), 810am weighing 7lb1oz (3260g), Length 48cm, HC 34cm. I have to say it was my hardest labour of the 3 as she came out posterior nothing I did made her turn sad
When I went to bed thursday night I felt a bit crampy but thought I was just BH but after a couple of hours of not being able to get to sleep (it was 1230am)I woke DH and told him I will go for a shower and when I got out and started drying myself I noticed a bit of blood on towel so told DH I would ring MW, by then I was really feeling the contractions and she told me she would meet us up at the hospital. When she did the internal I was suprised when she told me I was already 4cm it was horrible because my cervix was still high and posterior so she had to pull it down so she could break my waters. Things progressed really slowly, she did say I would have bub by 8am she is shuch a good guesser. When it came to the pushing she felt stuck and I felt like I was going to rip in 2 but I coped really well did it all drug free and managed to push her out in 10mins, I had been awake since 530am with my other 2 the morning before lol. I had to laugh when Hubby told me when her head came out the MW told him bub was looking at him and thinking she was out he looked down lol.MW said that she looked over cooked by a week or 2 and thinks that my period date would hae been more accurate which was 3 weeks different to scan date. I told DH imagine how tiny she would have been if she came earlier. This bub is deffinatly the last :)But I wouldn't change her for the world and it's so nice to finally have a girl smile
Well I must go get some rest while Britney is sleeping.
Congrats to all the mums who have had their babies and best of luck to those still waiting. (AKA mummy2jayden&hunter)xox

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