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Best of luck RKA! Sorry to hear s&s didn't get you really going, but as you say hopefully it will have got things moving so it is shorter. Hope the labour is short and as uncomplicated as possible for you!!!

Tracey - I haven't had shooting pains in thighs, but I get them near my hips when bubs gets in a certain position. Nerve this sounds right!

Carnim - I wouldn't be worried about bubs not engaging. It can all happen very quickly and other people who have had bubs engaged for weeks and weeks and weeks will still be waiting.

I am 39 weeks today! Talked to DH last night and if I don't go in the meantime - he is going to finish work next Monday (last day) as I am having the s&s Monday afternoon and induction Wednesday or Friday. So he has only 4 days of work left - then 4 weeks off work! So he can go on toddler watch!!!! Yeah!!!

Had hardly any sleep, toddler had temp in the night so ended up sleeping in with him (very uncomfortable at 39 weeks preg!). So hope he doesn't get really sick, as I just don't know whether I have the tolerance. It was supposed to be our last swimming lesson together today, but sadly, I think we should skip it!!! Disappointing.

Hope you are all feeling ok. I still have the constant feeling that I am going to spew and achey but just annoying, not lay you up in bed!

Hey ladies,

It's getting close for all of us now, contractions seems to be in arvo's, especially when I start expressing (bubs must be getting stimulated with the flow) lol. I've been experiencing the pinched nerve effect, especially in my left buttock. Also when I had a medium contraction last night (nothing to worry about), I was giving my belly a massage and it felt soo much better. Hoping it would come a little more frequently. DP will be having three weeks off from tonight, so he can catch up on a few things outside that I can't get to before the baby and family arrives. He's also been offered to have a few extra days off if he needs to, by the time he's due back at work. Very lucky to have a workplace like that. Anytime now.....

Good luck RKA, hope everything goes well today....


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hi all
good luck rka and mum2willie i hope she stays put!!!!!
we are jus trying o find our feet with feeding etc but dh is being so helpful.
he doing all thw housework washing and cooking and cleaning and getting all my tablets has been a real gem!!
tried to update my details but silly thing said my email didnt match up......weird!!
charli is loving her new baby sister and always wants an cuddle and gives her lots f kisses on her head. thats about all atm good luck to you al still waiting..... chat soon liz

liz - congratulations on the safe arrival of harriet!

Had my ob appointment today. Bubs is now fully engaged, getting lots of period pain like cramps still and back pain on the right side, DH has been massaging it every night - heavenly! Told him he's practising for the labour! lol. OB is happy with the way things are travelling and advised the less medical intervention the better. Was hoping for a S&S. Have made another appointment for the 1st March, and if still wanting a VBA2C then OB will put in place something like a S&S or gel to induce before going straight to a c-sect. However he was pretty optimistic bubs would be here before then, here's hoping!!!

We had decided on a name for bubs however the last few days I have been liking a variant of it. We had been deciding between two different middle names, and were set on the first name. Now I'm feeling the way to go is just to use the two middle names, cutting out the name we had decided on as a first name. DH is still happy with original but I'm not sure it 'feels' right. Oh boy, what to do???

Hi ladies,
How is everyone doing? I can't believe I only have 2 days till due date. I thought it had dragged but now I look back I have been that busy with my other 2 kiddies that its gone quite quickly.
Had MW appointment yesterday and bub is now fully engaged but the little monkey has turned posterior I am determine for her to move before labour starts as i don't want another labour like i had with my 1st. MW said if nothing has happend by next wednesday she will do s&s to get things going and I think I will still be here next wednesday too with my track record I will go over lol.
I have noticed when I get up during the night my back and hips are all clicky does anyone else have this? I am not sure if its normal because I never got it with the boys and forgot to ask my MW.
Well must get going and get my oldest ready for school.
Labour vibes to all those still waiting and congrats to those who have their bundles already smile
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Nic - Gr8 DP has three weeks off from now!! The expressing will be causing your uterus to contract - perhaps setting off the contractions after the expression.

Liz - So happy to hear that Charli loves her sister and DH doing such a great job to help you out and let you rest. Are you getting much sleep?

Mel - Gr8 news that bubs is fully engaged! At least you have an end date of 1st March - even though they think bubs will come sooner. Having an end date helps me relax - don't know why? Weird!! Names are so hard! We have a first name but the middle name - who knows at this point!

mummy2jayden&hunter - So sorry to hear that bubs has turned prosterior. Did they give you tips for turning her? My bubs turned prosterior and I found the Spinning Babies website very helpful. I did the pelvic tilts on my hands and knees and lots and lots of scrubbing and leaning forward. But my bubs engaged LOA, disengaged and turned prosterior, then turned ROA and re-engaged. It took her four hours to turn!! Good luck with it!! My hips ache during the night - to the point that it wakes me and I have to roll on to my other side. I only last 2 hours max on one side as it hurts so much - loosening of the joints ready for child birth, i think!

ATM - Yesterday I thought it was going to happen. I had really bad period pain and then contractions started about 12 mins apart. They were true contractions!! It went for about 90mins, so I started packing final bits and pieces and then had a shower and it stopped!!! Just like that! BHs continued into the night, but no contractions with the building up of the pain to the peak...It was after taking my toddler to a swimming lesson (I did take him as temp went and he said he wanted to go - so as I thought it would be our last for quite a while - off we went!!).

DH has three days left of work - off from next Tuesday (after s&s Monday arvo) - if nothing happens sooner!

Hope you all had a good night and I hope all went well for RKA!!!

mel maybe wait till you see your bundle and the right name will jus "fit". i hope that you dont have to wait till march tho considering bubs is down and ready
mum2wille - i have well and trully forgotten what sleep is like!!
harriet and i have very different slleping patterns that have yet to "gel". she is soundly sleeping now and it is the last thing on my mind!! earlier today when she had another big block of sleep i wanted to sleep but charli and then a visitor put an end to that now i'm just over it!!!
i'm healing well and slowly weaning off all the painkillers etc so hopefully will be back to normal soon.
i have fingers and toes and casue i finally can legs crossed for more healthly babys. good luck!!!!!!!
chat soon liz

hi ladies, ive had my baby girl on the 02.02.2010.. we have named her Hailey Ella. the first stage of my labour lasted 6 hours and only 5 minutes of pushing.. this is my second bub and it wasnt so bad.. ive gotto admit tho my first was much easier.. i didnt need stitches with both my births and i feel blessed!!! i did use gas and air tho and they took it off me by the end of it coz it got to my head and i was crying.. lol dont ask.. aparently i wasnt breathing normal air in between contractions and the gas got to me.. she was only 3.24 kg and i was shocked at how tiny she was... my son was 4.4kg and i had no probs with dressing and bathing him.. he almost looked like a toddler smile. i hope everybody who is still waiting will have an easy labour. and good luck! sex really helps with getting things going...
Hi all,
i have my AFI tomorrow and will hopefully get a definate date on when bubs will be induced, im hoping its Saturday at the latest. My partner will only have 2 weeks left of holidays now so im hoping its soon so he is home to help.

Liz- good to hear that you are healing well, im sure having a c-section the second time around seems so different to the first time, i cant imagine not being able to do things like picking up toddlers and normal day to day things

Mum2Willie - im hoping that bubs stays put for you and that you go into labour very soon so that she is not tempted to turn again


CONGRATS Liz on the arrival of Harriet smile

Im 40+1 today, and getting a few niggly pelvis pains at the moment. It would be great if bubs makes his arrival today, as both my DDs are in childcare lol. Feeling a bit sickish though sad DP took the last 2 night off work 'just in case' and doesn't go back till Monday night now, but has made the arrangement to come straight home if need be (thank goodness, with my 1st, the place he was working at then, said he had to wait).

Good luck to all the mummies/mummies to be still waiting, hope it isn't too much longer now smile
Congrats Ebosh on birth of baby girl...5 mins of pushing...that's great!

Liz - I hope you manage to get some sleep soon!!!

Alisha - Good luck tomorrow and fingers crossed for you that they say Saturday for induction. And thanks - here's hoping bubs stays put!!!

2BigGirls&PrinceDueSoon - Wow, just past your due date...nearly there...have they given you a final date?

Well contractions have not started up again for me (after Wednesday's 90mins worth).

Toddler is at child care and I have many jobs to do but stuff it...this is probably the last day I will have to myself for years!!!! So I went and bought birthday presents for my sister and niece (both birthdays in the next ten days) and did it without rushing, bought myself a coffee and lunch and just watched a dvd whilst doing my nails!! Now I am going to straighten my hair! I am completely ignoring jobs!!!

I guess I will have to think about dinner later..but that is it!!

Hope you are all feeling well!

Well after being induced with the gel on Wednesay, 17 February 2010 at 8.50am I gave birth, in water, to our daughter, Lakaya Mahni, at 9.51am. Yep - thats right a total of 1 hour labour. 10 minutes labour from water breaking to birth. 1 very intense hour I might add. No break from contractions - one of top of the other. No drugs (would never have been time for that), partner only made it with 20 minutes to spare. She weighed a tiny (compared to big sister) 6lb 12oz. She is the spitting image of her sister... just smaller.
We are home and all settled in. So far she has been great - hope she keeps it up.
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