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Due in January?? Lock Rss

Hi, I noticed people were doing the due month group and it might be nice to start one for mums due in January....

Anyone interested?

Im due January the 22 with my second child. My first is only 11 months old now and should be about 17 months old when his new brother/sister comes.
Its going to be a hard but exciting time and I cant wait!

C'mon there must be someone.......?
my name is Jennie.
I had my first baby by caesarean on the 2nd October 2003.
I'm due for my second baby on the 10th January 2005..
My first baby was a girl, and I'm really hoping for a boy this time round.
I went to the hosptal for a check up yesterday and the doctor asked how would i like this birth.. funny question!!!
of course i want to try naturally this time.
my ceasar was for breech baby!
so, the doctor said he would give my a 10 hour trial labour, as there was a .1% chance my uterus would tear..
so i'm hoping that on the 10th Jan, i will have a natural birth..

hey, i was also born on the 21st Jan...
Hello Enigma, Im also due in jan estimated 30th. my little boy will be 2 on the 13 feb. Im a bit worried that I will be in hospital on his birthday but hopefully he or she will come a little early-not too early.
So your two will also be close in age, it is scary when you think about it but Im sure we will get the hang of things.
Jackson is 17 months, the same age as when you will have a newborn, thats very scary. I wont scare you too much.
love to chat some more.....

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi guys!! Im so glad to find out there are other mums due in January, I was beginning to think I was the only one! lol.
Mishka I am interested to find out more about what stage Jackson is at now as that will be the age of my son when the new bubs comes. Can he walk and say words? can they feed themselves at that age? does he have a bottle still?unless your breastfeeding of course, Ive just got no idea what to expect so some clues would be useful.
I know all babies are different but i would just like a fair Idea.
I cant wait to get to know you guys and find out more about your pregnancies, I have my scan in three weeks and am so excited about that! I will be finding out the sex as its very important to me to know. Will you guys be finding out?
Im not sure if you know but Tepe has just started up an MSN group for us to post pics of our babies, we can chat there and there are other things too, it would be very cool to see you both there, heres the link if you would like to join. You MUST put in your huggies nickname when you apply as Tepe has made it only for huggies users and she would like to keep it private, You could put in it that enigma sent you! as I am an assistant manager there.
Heres the link below.

ok guys hopefully we will see ya there!
sorry to jump in on your due in january group, but im catherine and i just need to speak to Rhiannon for a tick.

hello Rhiannon how you going? i still cant find my windows cds, and its getting worse, i cant even reply in there (other group) anymore BUT I IM THERE!!
i will be shutting down soon and hopefully coming back bigger and better!!
i cant even get/use my email or anything so please dont forget me sob sob........
if you read the bit in my 'due in' group you can catch up on what ive been doing... very nevous now!! bye Rhiannon

thank you very much to the people who are in this group for letting me drop in and catch up with Rhiannon for a minute
thanks again bye!!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

Hi Catherine,
I dont mind you jumping in here, thats cool!
Its just good to finally hear from you, I tell ya girl you had me very worried!!
I was totally thinking the worst until I saw your post about your scan, Hooray! I even sent you an email (I got your address at OHG) but the email came back!
That sux that you cant participate, I wonder what the hells going on there?
I really miss your contribution Catherine!
I hope it all gets sorted as soon as possible!!
cant wait to see ya back there
Jump in here whenever you like. Hope you and Tasmin are both well. talk soon hopefully!!
I just posted you a message catherine, as usual its gone you know where.....
Hi everyone. I am due on the 10th of January with boy number three. I always wanted three boys so I am over the moon. Though people are making me feel bad for not having a girl.

mum of 3

hi bigmama,
i'm am due to have baby no 2 on the 10th january. what a coincidence... mine is to be a boy as well... i have a girl already.
email me if you want.
[email protected]
hey im due jan 7th with baby #1 which is a girl. everyone is making jokes about here coming early like on christmas or new year. i hope she doesnt decide to come early i wont be laughing if i have to drive mysely to the hospital because everyone has had too much friut cake and triffle.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi Hollie and bigmama!
I wrote a big long reply to bigmama yesterday here and it got lost in cyber space!! GRRRRR

Welcome to the due in January group!
I cannot beleive people are so nasty that they make you feel bad for having another boy! as if you have any control over it? Im due to have another boy and some peoples reactions were a bit funny as if they were dissapointed or something. I am happy about it so I dont see why they shouldnt be. My mum only has boy grandchildren so she was the worst, she was convinced he was gonna be a girl so she really had her hopes up the most but oh well, its only natures way! its not like I ordered another boy from heaven. I am most interested to know any hints or tips you have on how to cope with two boys? Im sure we will be fine but Im still getting my head around the fact I have to live with ALL BOYS! Yuck. How close in age are your boys?

As long as your happy everyone else can take a flying leap!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your first baby huh? must be so exciting for you. My first pregnancy I was so ultra consumed with anything baby, I read and read and read! Im alot more relaxed this time around, altho it took us about three and a half years to have our first son so he was very special to us, I hope you dont go into hospital on chrissy or new years either but if its any consellation most first time mothers are overdue so think positive thoughts!
Where abouts in NZ are you?

Hope to catch you both more often, would love to hear more about your pregnancies!
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