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Hi Everyone!

Well, just like many of you... we found out on Monday that I'm pregnant with our second child - yay!!!! We had only been trying for 3 months so the news was a wonderful blessing. We have a 26th month old daughter Jade who is just gorgeous and we are really excited that she will have a little brother or sister.

Bub is 'due' on 17th November so it's only early days but I'm looking forward to getting to know many of you who are due in and around November, over the coming months.

When I was pregnant with my first, Jade, I also had a bit of spotting at the six week mark (where I'm at now but so far, no spotting!) thankfully all was ok. for those of you who are going through it now, there are good chances that everything will be fine.

One thing though that I do feel at the moment is 'pregnant'. I actually said to hubby the other day that when I was pregnant with our daughter, I didn't even 'feel' pregnant until the 16 or so week mark however, I do feel quite full/heavy/blotted already this time around. Not sure how to quite describe it or what to think at this stage - I didn't think I would so early? Has anyone else had this feeling as early as 6 weeks??? There are twins in my family but surely I would be very sick (as I've heard this is usually the case) if I was Pregnant with twins.

I feel abit terrible saying the above, about feeling pregnant, as it sounds like I'm whinging which I'm definately not - I love being pregnant and believe that although it is difficult at times, it is one of the most beautiful and empowering experiences that I woman can go through.

I look forward to hearing from you!!! smile


Hello, I have also just found out Im pregnant in the last couple of days. I am only 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby and my due date is around the 30th of november. With my first pregnancy i felt pregnant straight away too, my back hurt like crazy and i went up a clothes size, it was like i was really bloated. Even though I am only 4 weeks pregnant now, I already feel really bloated like i do when its that time of the month!
I am really hoping that Im not sick throughout this pregnancy. During my last pregnancy I vomited everyday from about 6 weeks onwards till the end of my pregnancy and so did my sister while she was pregnant last year. It is very hard to enjoy your pregnancy with your head in a bucket but once I had my little girl Eva, I missed being pregnant and couldnt wait to have another baby. So here I am for back for round 2. I just hope everything goes ok and i have a healthy baby.
hi ladies,

found out at the start at March that i have preg with child no 2, my son is 20mths old, i'm due around the 1st November

with my first i didn't fee preg till roung 3mths, this time i felt preg stright away, wld luv to other mum's also that are dur round Novemeber
Hi Mums... I am due November 4th however I was meant to be born around that day too but came early in Sept- 10 weeks prem am hoping wont be the same story for my Baby- Will be my First am really nervous but ya cant wait hope all goes well......

So Far Iv experienced nothing short of a Rollercoaster ride and it feels like Im not tied in securely Im so anxious!!

I started to feel Nautious and was cramping in week 3 I was getting really bad cramps went to the hospital they thought I may be having an ectopic so they operated the next day I collapsed stopped breathing everything they rushed me down thinking I was bleeding internally and pumped my body full of Liquids to replace- No Internal bleeding and lots of Fluids on My lungs, Recovery Nurse wanted to take an xRay I queried if it was safe and she said I was no longer pregnant....
After a day of them stabilising my Breathing I went up to the ward for the Dr to tell me that they were not sure if I was still preg however the xray had already been taken. Same Day I started bleeding thought I had lost it for sure 5 days later scan tells me am still pregnant that same day admitted into Hospital again for Dehydration could not keep anything down incl water was vomitting more than I was taking in.... Am Soooo worried now and extra Cautious but happy baby is still strong... the sight of food makes me feel nautious so Its ginger beer and crackers for me at the moment not even an easter egg. Im happy Im preg but am not enjoying it at the moment but hopefully I can only improve from here.

Look forward to hearing about all of your experiences as we go through this Journey together...

i know how you feel Buterfli, i can only eat grilled cheese as most foods make me feel really sick, i have had no vomiting which is good in one way but would luv to eat something different,
hey everyone.

i feel exactly the same silkey. with my first i couldnt even tell i was prego till around the 12 week mark. but this time around i feel so bloated and yuckie. im only 6.5 weeks gone. its amazing how different every pregnancy is.
so dont feel too terrible about the "whinging" it seems to be a natural feeling with your second.

hey guys i am also due in nov on the 3rd this wil b my second my boy wil b 2 in may. no soon as i found out i was preg my head was down the toilet which was alot sooner than my first nd since than just gets worse. but hopefully wont stay 2 much longer look 4 ward 2 keeping in touch with u all.
hi everyone hope it is alright if i join. i am due on nov 21st. am very excited as well as a little scared. i have been having a bit of morning sickness it seems to be mainly tomato pastas that set me off!! have any of you been for an ultrasound yet?
Hi everyone

We found out about 6 weeks ago we were expecting our 2nd child so we were both very excited. I am now over 10 weeks pregnant and have been feeling very ill and nauseasous. I thought I was having twins given my sickness, but I was more or so the same with my little boy who just turned 2 in late march.

I am due 1 November and didnt take me long at all so it was nice to see my cycle not arrive that month.

Apart from morning sickness, I dont really feel pregnant as I have not gained any weight (lost if any) although my breasts have grown somewhat.

I hope you are all enjoying your pregnancies. I am looking forward when my morning sickness dissapears as I am not doing much during the day and it is really difficult when I am sick just about ev minute of the day.

Take care

Love my Jayden

hello everyone

i am currently 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child suffering from morning sickness and looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.


hello everyone

i am currently 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child suffering from morning sickness and looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.


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