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due in october "04" mums to be buddies Lock Rss

Hi everyone,just wondering how many of us are due to have their bubs in oct.My edd is oct 22.This will be my third pg.Would like to share all the ups and downs of my pgrenancy with you all.So if you'd like to be "due in oct mums buddies" pls post.Hope to hear from a few of you guys.


im due on the 25th oct. this will be second pregnancy. my daughter bethany has just turned 1 a few days ago. i am expecting this pregnancy to be a bit different due to the fact that i have a young child this time and will probably be alot more sleep deprived. would be great to have someone to share it all with. look forward to hearing from a few people.

Mum to Bethany (25-2-03) & Faith (8-11-04)

I am due in early Oct not sure of exact dates yet as I haven't been for a scan to find out if there is only one or if there is more! I already have twin girls that are 18mths now and a six year old boy.
i'm due october 22nd maybe a few weeks earlier according to the midwife,(healthy wee boy,my first)

cherie,mum to Jacob born oct 2004

Hi everyone this thread has been quite slow hasn't it.Just thought i'd put an update on my pg.Things are going well except i fell last week and badly twisted my ankle.I'm still trying to recover from that now.
I've put on 14kg so far.A bit more than i'd like but oh well.About 8 weeks to go now and i feel so unprepared.I look like i could give birth tomorrow,lol.
Hope everyone is doing well.Hope to hear some updates on how you gals are going.TAke care


Baby due on the 10th October, first pregnancy and don't know what the sex is yet. 34 weeks pregnant and counting down.
Add me to the October list. I'm due on the 13th (that's according to the 13wk u/s, and the date we are going by) but the EDD was the 20th.

I'll be 34wks on Friday and that's when I have my next ultrasound. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully it's still a girl in there, not that it matters if it's not.

Definitely feels like Bubs is starting to run out of room down there now. In general the pregnancy has been going pretty great. Can't believe it's only just over 6wks to go!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi, Its great to be able to use this website finally! I'm due on 13th Oct too, 34 weeks today by u/s which was only out by our dates by about 1 day. First baby & they think its a girl! If it is we have decided on the name "Paije" (decided Paige has become to common spelling) - still considering the boys names, more than likely Aidan.
Had a great pregnancy so far, luckily I had no morning sickness & just a bit tired, I cant believe I only have 6 weeks to go either!

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

Hi, I am glad to finally be able to register after reading for the last few months, I have a 9yr boyand 2yr girl and am due Oct 23rd.

I am feeling huge and finding it hard to pick up after my little girl, and looking forward to meeting the jumping bean growing inside me.


Well I have had the ultrasound last week. Pretty much in and out in 5mins. All the measurements were fine and the baby was 2wks behind gestation size wise, but the lady said that didn't mean anything as there can be up to a 3wks variation. I should find out a bit more detail when I see the midwife on Thursday. And I was surprised that you don't get to check what sex the baby is! The lady that did the ultrasound wasn't that friendly, and Hubby was told that if James made as much as a peep he would have to leave. I know they have to get on with their job, and probably get some noisy kids, but Hubby would have left if James was causing a disturbance anyway. But surprisingly James literally didn't come out with as much as a peep and just stayed put in Hubbys arms the whole time!

I'm reasonably small with my pregnancies compared to some women , I was with James and this time it's pretty much the same this time 'round. But I'm starting to get to the stage where I feel it's just about time for the baby to come out. It's annoying not being able to sit forward sometimes, and other times running out of breath - most of the time this happens when I'm on the phone and sitting down!! It also seems to depend on the baby's position as to wether I'm able to walk at a quick pace or only manage a waddle!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Everyone

I am due 26th Oct 2004........ about 6.5 weeks to go now!! This is my first baby......... almost ready now......... just waiting in anticipation now!! We are having a little boy!!!

Best wishes to everyone!!

Will post again once my little boy has arrived.

Mitchell''''s (28.10.04) & Tara''''s (27.12.07) M

Hi Everyone,

I am due 20th October 04, first baby. Don't know whether its a boy or girl.

Am a bit scared about the actual birth, but can't wait to finally meet my baby.

All the best to everyone.

Jenn, matthew 18months, Twins EDD 5/10/06

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