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Hi this is my first ever post here! I am so glad to find an Australian Parents forum!!
Name: April
Due: 1st April
Chn: this is my first

April, NT

Hey Surprised Mum,

Both of us are due close together and both of us are having boys... that's pretty cool. Hope to chat with you more soon.

Too all the other expecting mums' goodluck with your pregnancies.

My daughter has been a breeze to raise so far, she's now 15 months. She doesn't understand she has a baby brother on the way yet, but I sure hope my little boy is as easy to raise as my little girl has been.


I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. She is a very active baby and doesn't like me sleeping on Dad's side of the bed (she kicks hard and when i move to my side she stops kicking) Good luck with your baby.

Name: Amy
Due: 6th June

Amy,QLD, mum to 1

Hi Yvette

Sorry taken so long to reply, my husband is currently away and my little man has been sick. It is great to talk to someone who is having similar feelings!! I can't believe how much more my body is aching. I wake nearly every morning with extreme pain in my hips, it is driving me crazy, just all the pressure. That is the hard thing isn't it, you can't just have a sleep when you want this time around. We found out we are having a boy and just so excited about it, I think it is fantastic!! It will be a nice surprise for you in June. Hope you are keeping well. My little one has decided to move positions and seems to be sitting in the wrong spot as I am feeling very sick again - having trouble eating food, brushing teeth etc again!!

Take care

I am also new to this sit and think its great. I am due in 2 weeksand I am now playing the waiting game and it is driving me nuts. I have finally got a tummy now thank god.

Name - Marilyn
Due - 22nd March 2004
Chirldren - 2 girls 8 and 6
Due for my second to arrive on 30.06.04, or thereabouts. Already have a boy (George) who will be approx 18 months old when his sibling arrives. We don't know what sex the baby is as it had it's legs together for the 20 week scan. I am hoping for a girl so we have one of each.
I am carrying differently this time, and finding much more trouble sleeping, was nauseas for a lot longer etc - so here's hoping!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Yvette,

Thanks for your congrats. My daughter is too young to understand that she has a baby brother on the way. We took her into the ultrasound and I think she thought it was a TV. She lost interest after a few minutes... oh well, she is only 15 months old now.

Hi Michelle,

My son is soooo excited to have a baby brother or sister (although he keeps saying he wants a brother but he will just have to wait and see). He often kisses and rubs my tummy and tells everyone that there is a bubba in there! This pregnancy seems to be taking forever though - does yours seem to be going more slowly this time around?

Hi Bianca,

Hope you are doing well. I'm doing OK but really suffering from the heat. The last couple of days have been a godsend with the cooler weather but Tuesday was a killer! I'm doing well, still trundling along as well as can be expected. The doctor thinks we are both really healthy which is great but only put on 600gms this month (mind you not such a bad thing as I put on 6Kgs in the first trimester!).

Talk soon.

Hi Yvette,

I would have to say my pregnancy is going very quickly this time. I am 20 weeks now and it feels like it is all happening a bit too fast. Not to mention I have an incredibly active 15 month old daughter who gets into everything and is being a bit rough at the moment. All I can say for my 2nd pregnancy is it seems a lot more tiring.

How are you preparing your son for his new sibling?

Michelle smile
Hi Michelle,

Lucky you! I wish my pregnancy seemed to be going quickly - or maybe it is going too fast for you? My husband's theory is that because I've already gone through a pregnancy I know the ins and outs and now am just impatient for the exciting part - meeting this new little person. He is probaby right too! Anyway, I can't do much about it so I should stop complaining! My son is very active too and boy am I tired at the end of the day (especially having to work full time as well). Can't just sit down and nap nowadays though so that's where the fatigue comes in. With my son, we are constantly telling him about the baby and when we see a little baby we always tell him how his brother or sister will be that little when he first meets them. He also loves birthdays (doesn't matter whose) so we tell him that his brother or sister will have a birthday soon and that he can have some cake. We encourage him to touch my stomach but it can get embarassing when we are at the shops and he decides to look up my skirt to see if he can see the baby! We also ask him what he wants to name the baby - so far Jeff (from the wiggles) and Buzz seem to be his favourite names but he's out of luck there! Still we try and get him involved as much as possible. I don't know how effective it will all be once the baby is actually here, but it can't hurt. Take care.

Hey all,
This is my second time round!!!

Name: Sally
Due: April 05
Children: Jessica 14 mths
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