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When Are your Due Dates? Lock Rss

It's great to see all your relpies! Looks like most of you will all have had your babies by July.

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi kristina

Im new to this as well
Baby Mikayla is Due 8 April but hopefully she comes alot sooner..

congrats on the pregnancy and good luck

first time mum

Hi everyone my name is georige.I have an 8yrs old boy and a 18month old girl and i'm due to have baby#3 on oct 22 ,2004.


Hey maddychelle,

starting a countdown together sounds great smile

I am so excited about my little bundle smile

Talk soon smile


To all you other mums to be out there, Goodluck with your pregnancies and labours !!!!!!!

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

I'm 14wks, due on 27th August 2004.
Age 32.
This is our first and we are really excited!


Hi Karina,

I have my 18 week scan on Monday 1st March!! Hope to find out the sex of my baby then... can't wait. I am 18 weeks tomorrow (Friday).
How about you??? Have you had your scan yet? Will you find out the sex of your baby?
Hope to chat more soon. 22 weeks to go!!

Michelle smile
Congrats on your first baby!! Hope all goes well for you. I have a nearly 15 month daughter and am 18 weeks pregnant with baby number 2.

Hey there

I am 20 yo and pregnant with my first baby which we are sooo excited about. I am due on April 22nd, 2004 although I have been told that my little angel may be coming a month early.

Love Angel

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

Hi All

I'm 25 weeks the same as Yvette. Somewhat mixed emotions about due date but excited. Would love to chat with others concerning pregnancy and toddlers.

Name: Bianca
Due: 10 June 2004
Children: 1 son - Conor, born 10 October 2001.
Hi Bianca,

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and our two sons are pretty close together too! Why do you have mixed emotions about the due date? Hope all is going well, do you find it harder or easier this time around?

Talk soon.

hey michelle,

i go for my scan on tues the 19th of march. i will be 19 weeks. i am so excited!!

The amount of weeks are getting smaller smile


Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi Yvette

Thanks, yes our sons are pretty close together! Don't get me wrong I am really excited about having another child, just not sure how my son is going to deal with it, trying to let him know about it etc but doesn't seem to understand or doesn't want to as you know what they are like as toddlers. A little apprehensive about the birth etc.

This pregnancy has been easier in someways than with Conor. I had very bad morning sickness for the first 4.5 months but now feeling better. I find I get tired easier but this time don't get the sleep!! How has your pregnancy been ?

Talk soon.

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