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What Month Is Your Baby Due?


Huggies Pregnancy and Birth Information Lock

Our Pregnancy and Birth section provides you with some great information about what to expect dur...

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I have found this section an excellent help. This is my first pregnancy and I'm 25 weeks along. Counting down and learning about my ...


Due February 2022 secret Facebook group Lock

Congratulations on everyone’s news who will be due in February 2022 I have created a secret (no ...

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Are you due in July 2021? Lock

Congratulations! Join others on the journey here!

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Welcome to 2021! Is your baby due in September? Lock

From all of us at Huggies - we wish you better times in this new year. If you've just found ...

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Due in May/June 2021 Facebook group Lock

Hi everyone, I've created a Facebook group. It's private so noone can see if you'v...

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Are you due in May 2021? Lock

Congratulations! Join other mums to be on their adventures towards motherhood!

6 replies

Hi, link doesn't work so will send you pm on fb. My name is Donna


18-month-old baby refuses to eat Lock

18-month-old baby refuses to eat? solitaire

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NZ Parents due in Feb/Mar/Apr 2021 - FB Group Lock

Hi all, I'm due March 30th. I have created a private FB group for NZ mums which we will cap ...

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Due in March 2021? Lock

Just found out you're pregnant? Congratulations join our Due in March 2021 support group!

14 replies

I would love to be added to the facebook group if there is still space free I am due with my first in March 2021

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Are you due in April 2021? Lock

Congratulations! Join other mums to be on this amazing journey here!

1 reply

Hi I'm due in april! Would love to connect with other mums on this journey

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Due in February 2021? Lock

Congratulations! Join our February 2021 support group here!

2 replies

Hello, I am due with baby number 5 in Feb 2021! I have 3 boys aged 11, 10 and 8, and a 3 year old girl.


January 2021 Lock

I didn't see a group so I thought I'd make one for Mama's due in January 2021. J...

6 replies

How exciting!


Due Aug 2020 Facebook group Lock

Hi! Facebook link: Facebook group name: “Au...

2 replies

Such Facebook and WhatsApp group forums are a way to discuss the issues and other important topics and now I use http://australian-w...


Women due in August Lock

Anyone else due in August that might be attempting a vbac

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Due in October 2020 group for Aus/NZ mums Lock


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It was a very good post indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my buy college research paper lunch time. Will surely come and v...


Secret Oct 2020 NZ group Facebook Lock

Hi ladies, I have created a secret Facebook group for October 2020 babies!!! Feel free to join if...

1 reply

Is this for Aussie mums too or just Kiwi mums? I’ve been in a combined group for both of my kids so far but can’t find one here yet ...


October 2020 Facebook Group - Worldwide Lock

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November 2019 Facebook group Lock

Hi ladies, I have a secret Facebook group for those due in November. Comment your email address i...

20 replies

Heya! [email protected] Due in January. Had her 7 weeks early on 21st November If you could please add me


August Facebook *Secret* Group Lock

Hi congratulations! if you want to join the August facebook group post your email or facebook det...

71 replies

Please add me [email protected]


Due in August 2019 Lock

Hey all, I’ve had a few BFP and looks like I’m due August 9! So excited! Hope to meet some fellow...

7 replies

Congratulations, honey. I get really happy reading about these BFP stories. Good luck to you! Here's to a happy nine months and...

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Are you due in October 2017? Lock

Join our support group so you can track your journey with other mums-to-be!

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June 2020 Lock

Is anyone else due June 2020 is there a fb group?

3 replies

I’m due June but don’t have Facebook


May 2020 is there a group? Lock

Hi there Just wondering if anyone has a private closed facebook group for may 2020. Would love t...

7 replies

I just joined this one.


Due in February 2020 Lock

Where my ladies at?

9 replies

Im due 10th Feb. So excited


April 2020 NZ Lock

Hi! I've made a Facebook group for NZ mamas due in April 2020. It's currently set to Cl...

2 replies

Is this group still active?


April Babies 2020 Facebook Group Lock

Hi ladies! Those of you wanting to join a secret FB group, add me on Facebook and send me a messa...

4 replies

Hi Ladies, I'm no longer a part of this group so can no longer add you. Sorry x


Any NZ mamas here? Lock

I’m keen to join a Facebook group for kiwi mamas due in April 2020 if there is one out there, or ...

2 replies

I made an NZ group

Babies due Sept 2019 Lock

I'm hoping to be due around September 2019! Period is due on Christmas day so hoping for a p...

12 replies

Hi would love to be added to Facebook group. Due 3rd September Sarah Kingipotik


Due December 2019? Lock

Hi, is anyone due in December?

12 replies

My EDD is 14/12


Due December 2019 Facebook Group Lock

I have made a group for us mum's to be

1 reply

Hi, i saw this post and was hoping to join since Im due in December 2019. The link is not working for me.


July 2019 Lock

Just found out I am expecting EDD july 15th 2019. Am happy to set up a secret kiwi due date face...

13 replies

Hi there. I’m super later on the joining of this group but wonder if it’s ok to join now. I’m due in two weeks 16 July. [email protected]


October 2019 anyone? Lock

I found out last week Friday I will have my 5th baby in October I am soo excited. anyone else due...

19 replies

Hi, I’m due mid October


August 2019 Babies! Lock

Hi Everyone, I am due with my baby on the 5th of August. Anyone keen to join a FB page to help an...

23 replies

Hi Can I please be added to the group? I’m due right at the very end of August


Due December 2019 Lock

Hello! Just wondering if anyone has a secret facebook group set up for Due Dec 19 babies ?

1 reply

I've made one

Lizzy D

Due Jan 2020 Lock

Hey ladies. I'm wondering if anyone has a due Jan 2020 Facebook page? My older sister just f...

5 replies

I can make a Facebook group if you’d like?


Anyone else due June 2019? Lock

Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any ladies out there due June 2019? I’m currently 5 week...

40 replies

Hey there no problem! What is the email address?